ST Multipurpose Garage Door

I have a STMPurSensor set up for Garage Door, have a problem that is driving me crazy. All I want it to do is notify me when the garage door opens or closes but the vibration sensor is so sensitive it is picking up thunder, hard hitting rain, and even my neighbor’s corvette when the over revs it with hardly any muffler.
Any help or advice will be appreciated

You can go into the settings of the multi sensor and set it to use on a garage door and it will then use the tilt settings to signify open and closed.

I mounted the sensor on a door hinge. Screw one side of the hinge to the door. When the door opens the hinge the magnet moves away from the sensor.

Check here for hinge pics…ADT Smartthings garage door tilt sensor

You don’t have to use the magnet when it used on a garage door. It becomes a tilt sensor, so that if it’s not in an upright position, it reads as open.

thank all of you - you help a lot.

Darrell Holmes