Garage Door in mobile android app

I am using a tilt sensor on my garage door and have a relay connected to a z-wave outlet to remotely open/close the door. In the mobile app when you add a garage door the only option you have for monitoring if it is open/closed is the smartsense multi. I can add it as a conventional door but then it doesn’t give you an option to remotely open/close the door. Is there any why to force the mobile app to see the tilt sensor as an option for a garage door sensor?

I have the same setup. I’m using a relay and tilt sensor. I just connected both devices to my garage door, and can control it as a single device. You can see my setup in the pictures below.

Disregard. The forum moderators feel that I 4 months of membership isn’t long enough to be allowed to post pictures and help anyone out.

Thanks for the reply. I dont have an issue getting the setup to work. My issue is that the mobile app will not let you use a tilt sensor for a garage door in the setup it will only allow the addition of a ST multi.