Best Way to use a Door Sensor on a GARAGE DOOR

I needed a new way to mount my contact sensor on my garage door, because my old method just wasn’t very reliable. Then I remembered a post on here I saw at least a year ago about using a hinge with it. So, I tried it and its working perfectly! Enjoy the video :slightly_smiling_face:

Why not just use a door/window contact that has an external contact input such as the Ecolink in conjunction with one of these?

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I had a simiar issue with my ADT Smartthings setup and overhead door configuration. I found that the ADT sensors were REALLY sensitive to surrounding ferrous metals, and my overhead doors have non ferrous foil backed insulation installed so I came up with a hinge rig to make the sensor act as a tilt sensor. When the door goes up, the body of the sensor tilts away from the magnet and triggers an open state, it doesn’t take much to trigger it.

This setup was something i had gleaned when I was on Iris by Lowes before they shut it down, and jsut carried the idea over to SmartThings.

Anyway this thread is linked below.