ADT Smartthings garage door tilt sensor

Since no tilt sensors are available for the ADT Smartthings hub,I reused an idea I gleaned from Iris folks… simply mount the large part on a hinge such that the pivot of the hing allows movement as the door opens it swings away, and the magnet on the door. Mount to the top panel of a multi panel roll up door, by the time the door is up high enough that even a small child can squirm through the sensor shows open.

Tested and it works perfectly!

The materials and tools used aside from new ADT Smartthings door and window detectors are.

#1. 3M 1" wide Double stick tape.
#2. Segments of 1/2" Piano hinge. I had it in my shop. You can get hinges closer to the size of the sensor at Home depot, do your shopping if you would rather go this way.
#3. Hacksaw to cut the piano hinge to length.
#4. utility knife to but foam tape to length and width.
#5. Sharpie to mark hinge for cut line.
#6. Safety glasses.
#7. Metal file.

Measure and mark the sensor length on the hinge.

Cut the hinge at the mark line.

File down any sharp edges.

Repeat for however many hinges you need. Most garages have 2 doors…

Mount foam tape to bottom of first hinge

Cut foam tape to length and width using the hinge as a template.

Apply cutoff piece of foam tape to second hinge.

Pair and configure detector.

Mount detector to hinge.

Mount hinge with detector to door as shown.

Using provided tape, mount magent as shown.


Closed position…

Open position…

Hopefully this idea will help someone else…