Any multi purpose sensor as garage door sensor

Anyone know of a way to use any door sensor as garage door open/close status in the app?

I currently use open close sensor as a separate icon due to sync issues but want to see the status under my simulated garage door status.

I know this is possible with the smartthings sensor as per below link but I have a bunch of extra third party ones laying around I’d like to use.

Any help is appreciated.

The ST multisensor has an accelerometer that allows it to function as a tilt sensor. When in garage door mode, it reports open/closed based on the angle of tilt, not the magnetic reed switch. The big hurdle with a typical door sensor is finding a physical location on your garage door where the sensor and magnet can be close enough to function, but in a place that doesn’t interfere with the movement of the garage door.

Thanks for the reply. I found a good mounting location and it works and a standard open close. I just want to have it control open/close status on my virtual garage door.

What do you mean by virtual garage door?

updated version alowing 2 switchs and 2 sensors

This is what I was looking for. Thank you !!! :smile: … got excited too soon… So I don’t have a physical garage door I can select virtual as its sonoff/ewelink that triggers through IFTTT and I only have a virtual switch.

You creat a virtual garage door using the DJ and the app interfaces between the switch and the garage door

I have currently an issue with the Multipurpose sensor as tile/accelerate its not updating on action tiles but updating correctly the status on ST app. I have config the Multipurpose sensor as tile/accelerate garage door. on action titles only update when the sensor is being moved ( in motion ) but it goes back to INACTIVE once the sensor is standing still. it dose not recognize the tilt. ST app shows status correctly if its tilted it shows as ACTIVE and if its vertical it shows INACTIVE.

Try adding it to your ActionTiles panel as a contact sensor instead. When configured as a garage door sensor, the default device handler posts the tilt sensor state as an open or closed contact sensor. The behavior you’re describing is correct for an acceleration sensor - it should show inactive when it stops moving, regardless of position.

Correct, the only thing I was hoping that I can get rid of the magnificent and use the tilt instead but looks like action tiles wont recognize tilt.

Thank you! it worked.