ST Motion Sensor and Hub V2

Removed my (1 year) “old” St motion sensor from Hub v1 and added it to my Hub v2. The new hub detected it right away but it always shows motion as active. The Motion Icon in the mobile app is blue indicating that motion is/was detected. There is stays. The “Recently” log show no entries for “Motion Detected” or “Motion Stopped” but there are interval entries for the temperature…

I removed it from the V2 hub and re-added it to my V1 hub. No issues. Works as it should. Made several attemps to add/remove on both version of the hub and the results are always the same. V1 hub all is well. V2 hub, sensor always stuck on “Motion”.

Anyone have seen this or had this problem???

Could be range. Here’s the usual troubleshooting checklist.

Not range. The v2 hub is only 6’ away from the sensor while the v1 hub was 20’ away. Both hubs report battery level at 77% and identical temperature readings. It is easy to add/remove this device from either hub (which I have done multiple times now) but only the v2 hub is reporting constant motion.

Weird, but other people have mentioned the same issue in the forums. I’d report it to support and see what they say.

Another interesting thing that happens is, after adding it to V1 hub then removing/inserting battery the LED come on as green. Nothing new here. It always did and indicates all is working fine. Under v2 however, removing/inserting battery the LED flashes blue just as it did when initialy adding the device

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The only other thing I can think of is interference from your Wi-Fi router. Is the sensor also closer to that than it is when it’s paired to the v1 hub? I’m guessing not, but the blue light/green light thing made me ask.

Hmmm… Worth a shot. I’ll try to move the hub.

No difference. Moved v2 hub right near the v1 hub. Device adds/performs fine when I (re)add it to v1 but gets stuck on motion when (re)added to v2.

I did send a note to support but their turn around times seem insane. Still waiting for a response from another issue I sent last week :frowning:

SOLVED: The problem was the device type. Even though I reset the sensor when it was added to the v2 hub it would use this custom device type which was used on the v1 hub. Initially I had considered this a a possible problem and tried changing the type via the IDE. None that I selected would work under v2. As a last ditch effort I decided I would delete the device type from my account then re-add the device to the v2 hub. It worked. The uncustomized type was used (even though earlier I had set this type via the IDE to no avail) which solved my problem.

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