For a week or so, none of my Samsung brand motion sensors and multi sensor are connecting to my V2 hubs

Samsung brand motion and multi sensors have lost connection to v2 hub. I soft reset the hub without any result. I really need advice. Thanks

How many sensors? All?

Anything recently change in your environment? Did you add anything like an external USB drive to something that’s also close to your ST hub?

Where’s your hub in relation to your WiFi router?

Have to tried replacing batteries in one or two to see if that helps? What’s the battery status on the devices?

What do you have Unsecure Rejoin set to?

Have these sensors been around for a while, or are they new additions to your hub?

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I have 6 Samsung multi sensor and 3 motion. I had these working for months and replaced batteries when needed.

I did not add anything near ST.

I even take one of the motion sensor unpaired. After that I can’t paired back.

In the SmartThings portal, I see those sensor as offline. I tried edit and update on portal and still did not work

I have it set as secure Rejoin.

I don’t know what else to do.

Turn off secure rejoin and reboot the hub from IDE. See if they join after that. Are there any repeaters anywhere or do you only have all 9 sensors communicating directly with the hub?

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I turned off secure rejoined and rebooted as you indicated and still these sensors did not reconnect. I do have two repeaters but where majorities of these sensors are less than 30 feet of ST hub.

I have noticed that a lot of my Zigbee devices have been showing offline lately. This includes samsung and non samsung devices.

No changes to my environment recently.