Problems with New ST Motion Sensors?

Does anyone have any of the new ST motion sensors - the ones with the larger PIR dome and whopping batteries? I got two recently (from Maplin) and set them up over Christmas but both seem to report movement almost constantly.
To test, I put one of the new sensors right next to an old motion sensor and went out. The old sensor correctly reports the times, but the new sensor reports motion almost every minute - see the attached screenshots.
If I put the sensors in a darkened drawer, they quiet down but in normal daylight, it’s as if they’re hyper sensitive.
Both new sensors behave the same way. In all other respects my SmartThings setup is working normally - combination of official ST and Xiaomi devices.
Anyone else have this problem?

Old Motion Sensor

New Motion Sensor

Hi Andy,

You tried changing the battery, the ST branded stuff reports all sorts of false motion reports when it’s running low, ignore the battery level reporting in the app - it’s been broken for months.

If changing the battery didn’t help, is it reporting temperature correctly?

I haven’t yet tried changing the battery as both sensors were BNIB. I’ve got some batteries on order now. I did take the battery out as a mini-reset.
Temperature reporting appears to be correct - the old motion sensor and new one are never more than a degree apart.

This happened to me with a sensor only 2 weeks old.

Samsung suggested the battery straight away, I used an Energiser initially but it wasnt thick enough to make contact in the new style battery holder!. Then tried a Duracell and it worked fine and stopped all the false triggers.

I really don’t know why they cant design the battery holder to work with all types of batteries??

I had this issue and I think it was due to it sitting in a draft, moved it to various other places away from the window and it started behaving itself.

I’m inclined to agree that there is some environment factor at work. Like you, I found that there are certain places in the room where the sensor works. My current feeling is that it’s possibly related to vibration as putting it on furniture seems to cause the problem, but putting it on a window sill or mantelpiece makes the sensor work correctly. All a bit bizarre when the original ones worked fine!