Samsung Motion Sensor Woes

Been using my sensor just over a year now. Couple of months ago, started reporting false motions being detected - which was a little scary.

Checked for environmental causes but there was nothing & even put it in a box and it still reported incorrectly. Engaged with Smartthings support - who were quick and came back to me each stage - got to say that was a positive thing after all the problems Ive had with the last release.

Sorted it with a brand new battery. However, the existing battery was being reported at 78% power level by the motion sensor. Do I need to be concerned? I was hoping that the power level would be accurate, but it looks like it wasnt in this case?

I’ve had the same problem and shortly after that both of my sensors failed. They no longer power up.

ST Support sent me a new sensor and that one is now not powering up also. All of my other fiabro and Hue motion sensors are working without any problems. I am pretty much not going to use SmartThings Hardware anymore.

Mine gave me a random false motion alarm at 1:45am the other night. It also reads 78% battery. It’s happened very occasionally before, so I’ve decided to only use it for light control instead of with SHM. I have a blink camera in the same area that would trigger if there was actual motion detected.

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