ST Integrated Timers

So, I set one of the new, integrated or in-app timers [not sure what they are called] for the first time last night. And it didn’t work.
They don’t look overly complicated. And I set it to go off every day at the same time.
Anyone know what I may have done wrong?

It’s only on because I manually turned it on.

from the main screen, if you tap the upper right ellipses menu and choose manage home, do you have a geolocation set?

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Yes, I had not noticed that but I do. My location was set correctly. Is this related?

Yeah, that’s what sets your time zone. But if that’s set you should be ok.

Oh, right. Yeah that was set beforehand. Even if I was off an hour, a frequent issue for us derert rats, I would have noticed. I’ll try it again tomorrow and see if it’s set.
Thanks for the idea.
I have seen a lot of Smartthings emails about issues they’ve been having. Maybe it’s related.

See if it works tomorrow. If not, try setting it up via the Smart Lighting smart app. Tap + menu in the upper right > smart apps.

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