SmartThings WiFi Hub SmartLighting App Not Working

Call out for SmartHelp :grinning:. Any Level 2 engineers or support staff please. I am a new user. Bought the WiFi 3 pack. All is fine except I can’t get SmartLighting to work on anything. Specific time trigger on a light and the light doesn’t come on. Called help desk. No help. Ticket escalated. No response. Called again. Still waiting. It’s been 21 days. Can someone please look at my configuration. It’s probably something easy that I’ve overlooked. Tried all the usual stuff. I would be so grateful.

did you set up your geolocation in the ST app?

That’s all? :wink: j/k

I can say, despite my ranting about ST, I’ve never had to wait that long. Hopefully someone will reach out and help.

I did. But I understand geolocation is only used to trigger something when you leave/arrive. I set smart lighting to trigger based on a specific time. Nothing happens.

Geolocaiton is also used to set your time zone. If you login to and look at your hub, is this timezone correct?

I love, love, love this forum!!! I can’t thank you enough. I looked in and I didn’t see timezone. I went into the app and looked at my geolocation. So, I had set my home address, but apparently I didn’t geolocate (?) it on the map and set my perimeter. So, I did that. Then I found the timezone. And it looked correct. Then I set up the trigger on a light for a specific time. Boom!!! (Fireworks going off). Yeah!!! I know this was probably easy, but after 22 days - I am soooooo thankful. Community forum wins the day. Thank you.