New guy having a problem

Hi, I just started using ST this week and I’ve added a few devices. Most of it went smoothly except for one Smartapp. I have a multisensor on my front door. I set up a Smart Lighting smart app to turn on my living room lights when the door opens BUT ONLY when it’s between 5 pm and 5 am.

I am testing this and for some reason ST is ignoring the time constraints and turning on the lights when the door open regardless of the time of day.

Am I missing something? Thanks in advance for your help.

What smart app are you setting this up with, Smart Lighting?

have you set your location in the app so the system knows your time zone?


I used Smart Lighting. And I had not set my location in the app. I just did it, opened the door, and the lights did not come on. That’s a good sign!

Went back to Smart Lighting and changed the time parameters to start a half hour ago so I could test. Opened the door and lights came on. So, the location fix took care of my issue.

Thanks very much guys!