Basic Smart Lights automations not working - Turn on light at X PM, etc

I’ve always used the old smart things app and had automations set up there just fine. I contacted support to set me to default and purge all my data so I can have a fresh start using the new Samsung Smart things app.

I set up my devices and I can turn them on/off /w phone, things work good. But I’ve set up a couple different Smart Lighting options w/ different switches, and they do not work.

I setoutside lights to turn on/off w/ sunset/rise, and it doesn’t actually work.
I also set cabinet lights to turn on/off at 8 am/pm, that doesnt turn on either.

How can I further troubleshoot this? everthing seems configured properly

Have you set your location in the app so it knows your time zone?

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hmm, hopefully that was it. I went to the setting and it was on “set location,” I need to do some stuff first, and then I’ll test, i’ll post results, thanks for the help

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Yes that did do the trick, thanks so much! Now time to set up more automations!

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