ST hub disappears from account, location removed by app

2 days ago, I set up a new ST hub v2 on its own email account. Added 12 devices, my phone as a presence sensor, an Amazon Echo, and configured a few “Hello Home” routines. I also added my friend to the list of authorized users. This friend has a ST hub at his own home, but he was able to see mine without a problem. This worked fine for 2 days when suddenly my hub went missing from my account. When I reached out to ST support, the helpful agent told me that this friend had removed my location which deleted my hub and I had to set up everything all over again. He even gave me the timestamp when this happened.

The trouble is that it would have been impossible for this friend to have done so with his SmartThings app. We were at the beach together and unless he was fiddling with SmartThings on his surfboard, it would haven’t been possible. We even accounted for the possibility that the timestamp doesn’t match when the alleged event might have occurred, an accounting for a 6-hour window, the friend didn’t have his cell phone anywhere near him. Could an app or some other force have caused this location to have been deleted on its own, or am I just going to have to call the Ghostbusters?

If ST hub supports password when removing hub and location looks great:sunglasses: