Woke up and all devices/hub gone from my iPhone app

Just like the title says, woke up this morning and for some reason I was logged out of ST. Logged in and all of my devices are gone and that I no longer have a Hub in this location. Right. Walked over to my iPad and everything is as it should be, app works fine and hub is perfectly online. Anyone have any help?

On a sidenote, I don’t know how any of you guys with smart bulbs do it. As often as this kind of crap happens.

In the app, check if you suddenly have a second location (probably named Home and doesn’t have any devices. Also probably undeletable). If so, switch to the proper location. If that’s the case, let support know. I’ve heard of this happening, but I don’t know what’s behind it and I think they’re tracking it.

If that isn’t the problem, support may be able to help you out there as well.

It was a strange twist on what you said. My location was set to home while still not showing anything and no other location was available, however once I reselected Home again, it loaded everything.

Thanks for the help man.

Glad it all showed up.

Are you using the ST Classic or the new app?

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