Help my OCD - Unable to delete location

I had a Samsung Smartthings hub till earlier this week when a storm blew through and my hub got fried in the process. Nothing else thankfully, but I learned my lesson and bought a surge protector. Here’s the problem, I got a new hub and have successfully moved all my smart items to it. In my app though I show a hub called “home” which is there which is the old hub. If you access it, it shows offline. I tried to remove it, but it keeps coming back with an error of “Unable to delete Location: Deletion of default location be3f095d-50fc-42bd-8431-0a8053d784df is not allowed”. There are no automations, things, or scenes still associated with this hub/location. I also see no option to set a ‘default’ location anywhere in the app. How do I get rid of this from my app?

Not sure why it posted something from many months ago but can a mod delete this.

Contact ST support at and get them to remove it