ST forgot all Zwave devices

While away, my ST app dropped all Zwave connected devices (switches, thermostat, motion sensor, multi purpose sensor), but kept all linked services (Arlo, TP Link) on. So far no solution from support. Had a neighbor restarting the hub, un - and reinstalled the app on the iPhone, run a Zwave repair - nothing. Any help is appreciated.

do they still show in IDE ( ) ? and does z-wave still show as functioning under hubs in IDE?

but overall, I believe only ST support can help with this issue :frowning:

No, no Zwave devices are shown in IDE

Zwave is shown as functioning

Logged out and back in, no change, no Zwave only linked devices

Unfortunately the hub was reset on 12/26 which removed the connection to the Z-Wave devices. As the other devices aren’t hub-connected, they persist. The devices will need to be excluded and re-added.

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How can a hub reset itself? This hub sits on a UPS, so power fluctuations don’t turn it off and on.

Could the hub have been accidentally delete from the app? That’s what it looks like happened from the logs.

Not likely, hub was running automations while traveling, ST app only used to check room temperatures.