Zwave offline (zwave problems 3 Dec 2018)

Anybody else lose all their zwave devices today?

I am not seeing any issues

So it’s been 3 days and have heard nothing from ST support so I started removing all my devices and adding them back in. I have all non-GE devices working again. Also had to re-program my automations. What a pain. The GE devices will exclude from the network but will not add back in. I read that the Hub has to be within 10ft of the device, this means I have to get a long Ethernet cable and move it around the house since all of them are wall switches. What a pain. One more issue and I’m jumping ship to another platform. I have a big party coming to the house this weekend and don’t need this hassle right now.

Just today I noticed all but one of my zwave devices are showing as disconnected. Also one of my lightify strips is showing disconnected, but not the other one. To me it’s suspicious that they all dropped at the same time.

Edit: just thought I’d check it appears for me to be a problem with the new app. If checking in the classic app they are connected and controllable.

Did you resolve this? None of my zwave devices (two GE dimmers, a GE switch, an outdoor switch & a Kwikset lock) have worked reliably since the latest update. With some difficulty I removed the lock and a dimmer and added them back, and got them working yesterday. The other 3 came back on their own last night. Then today, one by one they all went offline. I tried a zwave repair a couple times with no effect. I removed a dimmer and so far have not been able to get it paired back. Very frustrating. And I emailed support yesterday and the answer was to remove and add back, so basically, nothing useful.

I have 2 ZigBee lights (Sengled) and 2 temperature sensors (Xiaomi) that are working fine so it’s only a zwave problem.

Looks like they uploaded a new firmware. Never heard from support. I had to remove all my devices again and exclude them several times. Also had to cycle power on the GE devices. After all that I added them back in, so far all are working except one. Keeps saying it is unavailable. Only 15 feet from the Hub. Tried to run Zwave repair but wouldn’t run. I think they still have issues but are not sharing. Very frustrating!!!

Just lost all but two of mine in the new SmartThings app after rebooting the hub yesterday. All of them still work fine in the Classic app, IDE, and with Alexa but show “disconnected” in the new SmartThings app. Everything was working without a hitch prior to the hub reboot. Not sure what is going on with the new app but it definitely seems to be an issue with the new app and the way it talks to the hub.

I had a problem with my GE zwave dimmers all going unavailable about a week ago. They were still working manually only but not available in the apps, except for one that was not working even manually, completely off with no led light.

I tried the zwave network repair, device exclusion/inclusion, everything, with no success.

I thought that maybe it was because of a recent firmware update, and/or that this specific dimmer was now defect or dead and that I would have to replace it… until I tried one last trick that I found online.

I pulled the small “reset” plastic tab at the bottom of the defect dimmer using a flat screwdriver tip, waited a few seconds then pushed it back in place and bingo, the blue led light went on again !

I then re-included the dimmer in the hub (if you have not already “force” excluded it from your device list, you can probably only use the “replace” tool) and it was detected again by the hub.

Once this most problematic dimmer was back functional, all the others suddenly began to work again and their status got updated as available.

I guess the badly disconnected dimmer was messing up the entire zwave mesh network and when back on, it fixed the zwave mesh network.

I lived with the problem, investigating online for a week, but now I’m very happy that I found this trick and that it was easy to fix.

Hope this helps!