My Zwave Network is gone!

So, I was experimenting and trying to see if I can connect Smartthings to my Abode zWave network. I went into the IDE utilities and selected “Leave/Join another zWave network” and then I went to the Abode Gateway to try and find the Smartthings controller. It found it, but I never added it as I was nervous I would mess things up and decided to do some research.

Since then, I try to do a zWave repair in Smartthings and it finishes immediately and says complete and none of my devices are responding or showing up in the IDE logs. If I do a repair on a device individually, it drops off my platform completely!


I fixed it. I went back to Abode and initiated an exclude and then did “Join/Leave Zwave Network” again in IDE. That was SCARY!!! Just need to figure out how to get these 2 devices that dropped off back now…


Hope you learn your lesson for messing with the unknown! Just kidding. I am glade you got them back and save me some poking around as I was curious about doing the same with Wink and ST but too chicken to try. :grimacing:

Tell me about it. I was being cautious by not adding it completely in Abode, but I guess ST joined anyway.

I was trying to avoid having double sensors (Abode and ST) on my doors or at least get a way to get the Abode sensors to show up in ST. My ST sensors are the Nyce Door Hinges which are completely unreliable between battery issues and false positives.

From all my research, it seems I need to use Virtual Switches and leverage IFTTT.