[ST EDGE] Z-Wave Lock PH

I’m looking for the ability to create routines that act differently based on the user code used to unlock. It seems like the beta edge driver will do this, right? Would you recommend switching from your main driver to the beta driver now?

I can wait for the beta changes to get rolled into the main driver, but I’m trying to assess whether you think you’ll actually have time this month, or if it might be later (or never) given your switch off of ST.

Yes, the beta driver exposes codeName as a trigger in Routines. I’ve been running the beta version since he published it in late January without any issues.

You can also use sharptools.io to write rules that can take actions based on codeName if you have the premium service.


Okay, I’ve switched to the beta driver and it is working well. It was simple to switch over and didn’t lose my code names. I suppose if the beta driver does get migrated to the standard driver I can easily switch back if necessary.

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Interesting! I’ve been reluctant to switch from the v1 Drivers to the Beta Divers because my Code Names are so extensive across multiple locks/locations and I didn’t want to lose them (and have to type them all back in).

@Puzzling Are your Code Names “stock” (ex: Code 1, Code 2, etc.) or “custom” (ex: Bob, Tom, Nancy, etc.) ?

@philh30 You had mentioned a while back that switching to the Beta Drivers would cause the Code Names to be reset. Have the Beta Drivers evolved to retain the Code Names? Are you getting close to rolling the Beta Code into the Main Driver?

Yes, I have custom code names. I had to retype them once when I first switched from the stock driver to Z-Wave Lock PH. But switching from that to Beta didn’t affect the custom names.

I too was going to wait for the update, but the driver switch is so easy, I just opted for that. And can always switch back if it ever gets updated.

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You can get the lock code names and slot associations from the ST CLI using devices:component-status. If they get reset, you can then re-add them using device:commands:nameSlot or devices:commands:updateCodes.

 lockCodes       "{\"1\":\"Bruce and Teri\",\"2\":\"Gladys\",\"3\":\"Sean\"}" 
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Wow @h0ckeysk8er ! That is what you call Peace of Mind! Great to know! Thank you!

Won’t help on the transition from DTH to Edge (obviously), but it is certainly useful for backing up your codes periodically if you have more than a few programmed.

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Hey guys, sorry for the noob question, but if i switch the driver from stock, to phils, will all of my routines associated to that lock be erased?

If you are running the stock Edge driver and switch to Phil’s, you will not lose your Routines. His driver is based on the stock driver and has all the capabilities of the stock plus more.

Your lock code names may be reset since the codeId to codeName relationship is maintained by the driver. Also, use his beta driver since it fixes an issue where lock code names are reset and exposes the code name used to unlock the lock as a trigger in Routines.

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