Door Lock Guest Codes set and unset by some one/thing else (Feb 2023 and July 2023)

Today at 12:15 Pacific time, the Smartthings app on my phone and the Family Hub in my fridge reported that guest codes had been set, unset or changed. There were ten (10) messages total. Is this related to a new driver or update? Or is this something I should be concerned about?

The Smarthings app shows the codes being set in the logs. I can’t see or set the codes in Smartthings, (either through the device or the ‘life’ tab) and I’ve never been able to. The lock is a KwikSet SmartCode 888. I had one guest code manually added a couple of months ago and removed shortly after. I don’t have a master code set, so there shouldn’t be a way to have numbered guest access codes.



Got this too. I deleted them and it deleted my door lock’s input code on the keypad. Added it back, and it now is announcing adds and unlocks on the app.

How did you delete them?

it’s showing history on the Smart Lock Guest Access under the Life button. It has a delete there. Next to Lock Codes on the top left, hit the down arrow.

I added my code through the keypad and it showed it added again in the app, I believe that’s a new feature as well.

You should be able to add/delete locks codes using the Smartthings Lock Guest Access smartapp.

As far as lock codes being deleted and continuously updated, that is a bug in the stock Edge driver that has not been addressed by ST as of yet.

Your lock is supported by [ST EDGE] Z-Wave Lock PH - Devices & Integrations / Community Created Device Types - SmartThings Community from @philh30. I would suggest trying his driver and see if the deleting/updating problem goes away. I know he specifically addressed it for Schlage locks. If that still doesn’t fix it, he may be able to add whatever logic fixed it for Schlage locks to fix it for the Kwikset locks.

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I currently am having a problem on multiple hubs with locations. The guest names for access codes that are programmed keep changing back to “code 1 or code 2” on there own after a day or so of working as it should. Has anyone run into this issue or know how to prevent this from happening?

Definitely related. See my answer in that thread. @JDRoberts, can you merge these topics please?

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The official status page says there was an error caused by platform migration today:

Perhaps the cause of the initial resetting of lock code names because of the Edge driver being initialized. The lock code names are maintained in the lockCodes capability which is maintained by the driver. If the driver is changed, the lock code names are reset. Also, as I mentioned there is a bug in the stock driver that will reset them when certain driver commands are executed and once that happens, it will repeat indefinitely until you reboot your hub.

? Select a component. 1
 #  Id                                  
 1  battery                             
 2  lock                                
 3  lockCodes                           
 4  platinummassive43262.unlockCodeName 
 5  refresh                             
 6  tamperAlert                         
? Select a capability. 3
 Attribute      Value                                                        
 codeLength     6                                                            
 maxCodes       30                                                           
 codeChanged    "8 unset"                                                    
 scanCodes      "Complete"                                                   
 lockCodes      "{\"1\":\"Bruce and Teri\",\"2\":\"Gladys\",\"3\":\"Sean\"}" 
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I was in the middle of a meeting when I got this extremely disturbing notification chain on my phone:

I opened up the smartthings app, looked at the lock history and saw:

My blood pressure spiked… and then I thought to take a look at the SmartThings status board. My heart rate returned to normal when I saw this:

Morale(s) of the story:

  • ST is in the process of migrating Schlage locks to the new edge platform - and it will send out scary messages
  • If you are migrating a web platform from one technology to the other, and trying to be discrete, make sure your verbosity settings are dialed down
  • if the device your migrating is related to home security, pay extra attention to the second bullet point
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See discussion of this same topic here.

To be clear, there are plenty of bugs in the stock Edge driver for locks (particularly Schlage) and I HIGHLY recommend using [ST EDGE] Z-Wave Lock PH - Devices & Integrations / Community Created Device Types - SmartThings Community from @philh30. The beta version of this driver in his channel has specific fixes for Schlage locks (as well as exposing more settings) and he has added the capability of seeing how/who unlocked the door as well as exposing that as a trigger for Routines.


This is why I didn’t wait for my devices to migrate on their own. During my christmas vacation I excluded and re-added every device I own to edge drivers. I didn’t need something like this happening by suprise. It was a pain, but less of a pain than random notifications and things breaking on samsungs timeline.


I suppose it’s fine that it happened (“updates happen”), but now I don’t have names associated with all my codes. They are just numbered, “Code 1”, “Code 2”, etc. I see that in the app I can rename them, but I have no idea how to find out which code is what. Is this information available anywhere? (Either the original name or the PIN?) I have over a dozen codes, but interestingly enough, only the first 8 got reset–the others are fine. I see from the History that codes 1-8 got “created” today at 3:19PM EST.


It will happen with both the Zwave lock Edge driver and the Zigbee lock Edge driver so both types of locks are affected. Even if you figure it out and change the names back to what they were before, it will happen again as soon as you go into SLGA. I figured it out by entering each code on the keypad and then looked in history to see which code it reported that unlocked the door. I got tired of waiting for a fix so I turned off SLGA notifications and I now use Sharptools for reporting and managing the codes.


Certainly FUBAR.

I’ve removed all my codes for now. I had tried the renaming back to real names but it’s so messed up right now I gave up.

I have years of experience of SmartThings/Samsung screwing things up but this one just annoys the crud out of me. How does this make it to a production release?


Yep, happened to me. I have house guest so I thought one of them was trying to hack into my system.

Seems like all of my Nicknames are gone…Have to figure out, who is who…:weary:


Exactly! :man_shrugging:t5:


I’m taking a survey on this topic from you knowledgeable folks. I am using Schlage locks and also decided not to wait for shocking results like @uberrob experienced so I manually switched to the SmartThings Beta Z-Wave lock edge driver a while back and it’s been fine so far. The question is, what do you think the odds are that I will get moved to the stock edge driver, and will it still get screwed up going from an edge driver to an edge driver?

If only they had hundreds of power users enrolled into a beta program and a beta testing platform they pay good money for with the ability to communicate with them, take surveys and gather feedback before they do things in production…

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