[ST EDGE] Z-Wave Lock PH

What is the status of @philh30 's Beta Driver?

Any major bugs or minor annoyances vs the Z-Wave Lock PH v1.00 Driver?

If I switch to it now, will it “rename” all of my Smart Lock Guest Access “Lock Code Names” ?

Stable, fully functional, no bugs that I know, lock codes won’t be affected.

Nothing that I’m experiencing.

I do believe the lock code names will be reset since the driver seems to be responsible for maintaining the lockCodes data structure.

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Based on my own personal experience anytime you change the driver of a lock it will always rename the lock codes to the default naming scheme.

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Yes, as I said, my understanding from reviewing the code is the driver maintains the lockCode data structure that maps the lock code slot number to name relationship. Changing drivers would reinitiate lockCodes which would populate the code name with the default values.

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Uhg… 12 locks in 3 locations with 5-9 User Names per lock… not looking forward to that :face_with_head_bandage:

Hey @philh30 any chance if/when you update the v1.00 Driver to incorporate the features of the Beta Driver that our locks will retain the existing User Names ?

I don’t think that is possible, the driver can’t access the lock until you assign it to the device and when that happens I believe the Names are set back to the default. In other words each drive is responsible for the names, the lock is responsible only for the code and code slot. I could be wrong.

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Hey all!

I’ve been slammed recently, and unable to spend time on anything remotely fun like home automation tinkering. To catch up on a few things that I’ve seen mentioned/asked:

  • The beta appears stable. I haven’t heard of any issues aside from change or enhancement requests.
  • I’ll eventually get the beta code rolled into the main driver. Realistically, that’s sometime in March. When that happens I’ll also post the updated source code to GitHub. That update shouldn’t reset code names (but swapping drivers will).
  • The whole-swapping-drivers-resets-your-code-names thing shouldn’t be a thing, but it’s baked into the stock driver and/or default libraries. I may try to see if I can figure that out at some point.
  • Someone asked about displaying lock codes that have been set. It would be possible with some locks but not others. For the Schlage models, the ZP models send all of their codes to the hub. If you refresh codes while running logs, you’ll see zwave messages from the lock to the hub that have the actual code as ASCII hex codes. Just subtract 30 from each number to see your code. For the older non-ZP models, they send the codes as *******, so it’s impossible for those.

Wow! Thank you for the update! THAT would be awesome!!!

Thanks for the update and info. You’ve been so quiet lately I was beginning to get worried :slight_smile:

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Full disclosure, the v3 memory problems were gradually killing my setup throughout most of last year. After months of dealing with the unsupportive ST support and trying to consolidate drivers in ridiculous ways to keep things running, I started shifting away from ST in December. I had moved my Schlage off of ST before this thread started, and my ST hub now has less than 10 devices attached. So… I’m not sure how much of a future ST has in my house.

I’m glad you’re all getting some use out of this driver, and source code is published if anyone decides to pick it up if/when I abandon it. I’m not quite to that point though.


Given your knowledge, I’d love to know what you shifted “to”… what you like about it… and does it have a Backup/Restore System ?

Home Assistant. My hub is now a reasonably powered NUC that’s under almost no load despite everything I’m running, I have much better control of my ZigBee and Z-wave networks and can run them on current model radios, and my automations are only limited by my coding ability. Backup/restore works (I haven’t had to do it, but supposedly full restore including z-wave radio replacement) so long as you’re diligent about the backing up part. I would still recommend ST over HA to a non-technical family member though. ST is more limited but easier and more intuitive if you stick within official features.

I don’t want to get into preaching about another system on ST’s forum, especially off topic in this thread, so that’s all I’ll say here. Feel free to follow up over DM though.

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@h0ckeysk8er, I use the codeUsed in the Rules API ( not the in-app Routine), works great. It returns the assigned name to that code

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Good to know. The Rules API is a bit, arcane, to say the least :slight_smile:

Is there a trick or is it a known issue where SLGA only lets me do 8 codes?

Or is that an upgrade to beta driver that fixes that?

Did you try adding a 9th?

Seems like mine read in 8 of my existing codes.

My recollection was that upon unlocking the physical lock with my 9th & 10th codes that SLGA picked them up.

There is no 9th or higher slots in SLGA.

I haven’t tried using them and see if it populated SLGA.

I’ll keep tinkering

Thanks for the reply

SLGA doesn’t seem to show slots that aren’t programmed. One of my locks has 3 codes programmed and that’s what is shown even though the lock allows for more. You should be able to “Invite Guest” to add new codes to your lock(s).


Thanks, was just gonna ask about that.