[ST EDGE] Securify Peanut Plug

Finished work on the Securify Peanut Plug with power monitoring.

Note that your plug will need to have its firmware updated (using the Almond router/hub, available cheap on eBay) before power/voltage/current values are sent.

If you’re interested in trying it (consider it in beta just like the rest of the Edge drivers), please sign up here:

  1. Use the invite CStup Edge Driver Invitation
  2. Enroll your hub
  3. Click “Available Drivers”
  4. Click the “Install” button on Securify Peanut Plug
  5. In the mobile app, pair your device using + Device → Scan for nearby devices
  6. Press and hold the reset (smaller) button while plugging the unit in. Hold until the LED starts blinking, this will force a reset/join. The LED will continue blinking to indicate its pairing.
  7. Device should be added within 30 seconds.

Power reporting is adjustable with minimum and maximum time between reports, and delta values for each of power, voltage and current.

There’s a lockout adjustment that will prevent the unit from being turned off remotely. I use these plugs to monitor power of devices I never want to accidently turn off (deep freezers) and this helps prevent that.

Please let me know any questions or suggestions!