Peanut Plug Power use

I found a generic smart app for the peanut plug for the when “this power meter reports above or below” type situation, what I wanted was if there were a surge (say above 200 watts) or the power went to ZERO watts, indicating an issue., What I am getting is cumulative power drawn, so my upper limit of 200 was hit and is now alerting ever hour or something like that. Is there a smart app to do this with the peanut plugs? They work fine in the ST app, i see power, I have them on the latest firmware. I’d even consider taking a stab at writing an app if someone were to contribute and example so I can see the logic.



As long as your Peanut plugs are reporting power usage to ST (mine are not, on/off only) you might want to look into Core or Webcore for advanced automations.