[OBSOLETE] Peanut Plug with Smartthings? (DTH in post 35)

I picked up an Almond 2015 router to use as a range extender, and it came with a Peanut Plug. Has anyone ever used one with Smartthings? I’d love to make it work with my system.

This is the plug: http://www.amazon.com/Securifi-Peanut-Plug-appliances-interface/dp/B00TC9NC82

Yes, I just paired one with my setup this past weekend. It just shows up as a zwave outlet. The power monitoring is a bit janky, but seems to be working somewhat. I’m sure someone could write a better device type for it though and it would work better.

Oh cool. I’ll give it a go then. Are you able to turn it on/off remotely through the app? That’s really all I’m after.

Yep, it was working on Saturday when I added it. I don’t want to power cycle it now as my Raspberry Pi is plugged into it otherwise I would to test and ensure it is still working. It is still reporting power, so I don’t see why it wouldn’t work.

Awesome thanks. I just got mine connected and it seems that the power status is a bit wonky. I’ll have to play around and see how it goes. Appreciate it!

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Do any of you know if the Almond+ can be added as a secondary controller to smarthings?

As far as I know it cannot due to the Almond not supporting it being a secondary controller. If it ever happens, I doubt it would be any time soon. Mine has been on a shelf for quite some time collecting dust due to firmware issues.

I just got mine in today, power state (on/off) and power draw (w) don’t seam to be accurate. Sounds like it’s gonna need it’s own devicetype

Agreed. It actually works way better than my WeMo switch, but the on/off state within the app isn’t correct. Hopefully someone can crank out a device type to get it working properly (please and thank you).

as a heads up the GE ZigBee Switch devicetype works much better, on/off seams to report better, but power usage is a no go with it

Awesome! This made my day, thanks. As long as it shows the proper on/off state it’s all good with me.

Just wanted to report back and say that the Peanut Plug is working great using the GE ZigBee Switch device type. I’ve since swapped out my WeMo switch with this one. The WeMo is extremely unreliable and always needs to be re-synched after power or internet outage, so this will hopefully solve that problem. Cheaper too and much friendlier to use.

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The power usage is " a bit janky" as you put it even when paired to an Almond+. It is the hardware not the software that is the problem. Even with the updated FW installed in the peanut through Almond+ ,I could never get the power usage to work in 6 months of playing with it.

So I assume this will repeat the zigbee signal like the ST plug since it’s powered? I want something to help with the presence sensor.

Yes the peanut is a Zigbee repeater. I moved mine to the basement to help with 1 light that I was always having issues with with A+ . So far so good, but not sure if that is the V2 over the A+ or if it is because I put the Peanut down there.

Awesome! I bought mine on eBay for $29 so I thought it was a good deal.

Try to add to my hub and not working for me. Only display “unknown device” and name it “Thing” . Any suggestion?

Edit: Nevermind! Just discover the cloud account!! :slight_smile:

I’m having the same problem. How did you solve it?

I got mine working using the ZigBee Switch device type.

I bought 3 Peanut plugs at $25 each to use as Zigbee extender/repeaters. I have Iris Contact Sensors (Zigbee devices) on all my windows and side garage door. The side garage door is the farthest device from the hub and it was having problems connecting. The Peanuts did a great job to extend the network, and they work great with ST and Alexa.

Just checked and they are now $20 :neutral_face:
Amazon link