Pairing issues with Securifi Peanut plug

Hi all, I having issues pairing a Securifi Peanut plug with SmartThings, it just stays in the “identifying” state for ever. I have seen suggestion to use device type “GE ZigBee Switch” but that also has the same issue. It waits in identifying state for ever. I waited more than half hour. Any help getting this paired is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

It should pair as a standard " smartpower outlet" . At least that is what mine are listed as.

You are correct it does, but that devicetype doesn’t register button presses w/o a manual refresh. ZigBee Switch and GE ZigBee Switch do so it won’t get out of sync.

@Vijay If you are having issues paring the device… move it closer to your ST hub.

I have never noticed a problem with it getting out of sync. It doesn’t show usage ( always shows 0 ) , but that “feature” never worked with A+ either , regardless of how many times I updated the FW, so I’m not missing anything.

Thanks @RLDreams and @sidjohn1 for the quick replies. I did move closer, in fact just next to the hub but with same results. Looks like if I just cancel out and look at device list, I can see a device marked as “Thing”. I could not change the device type from mobile app. However I was able to log into the cloud account and change the device type from " Unknown" to " GE smart switch (ZigBee)" and voila! It started working correctly.

Thanks all for the help. Appreciate it.

I’m having similar issues with the peanut plug. My question is how do you log into the cloud account? Thank you in advance for any assistance.

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I was able to get there. Thanks for your help.

Will this plug act as a repeater?

I’m really not sure about that, you might need to contact securifi

Yes Peanuts like ( almost) all constantly powered devices act as repeaters.

I just bought 2 of these and am using with the zigbee switch device type. They git out of sync with that DH too.