Securifi Smart Peanut Plug Zigbee HA 1.2 for $10, limit 3 @

Use coupon code: ZWFI2X5

Limit 3 per order.


Does this work with SmartThings? Does it read power?

As far as I know, they work fine with ST along with zigbee repeating except power reporting.

Order seemed to go through OK.


Got one of Amazon for $10 last week. Works with manually assigning the smart sense outlet device type. Power reporting does not work.

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Power reporting doesn’t even work with the Almond hubs, so no loss there I have 1/2 dozen of them and they work most of the time. I have to reset about 1 a month because it gets lost.

Ordered. Don’t have a clue what I’ll do with them as I’m all switch and plug tapped out…

Guess they can go into the X-Mas tree box.

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They go into the big box of " for future projects" stuff on the top shelf where the wife can’t see/reach them. I


Received mine today and it seems to work reliably after updating the device type.

$10 for lamp control works for me.

Thanks for the tip.

Which device type are you using?

Getting message that coupon is no longer usable.

I use the Zigbee Power Switch and it works great so far. Like others have noted, there is no power reporting though.

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I am using “SmartPower Outlet” and no power reported. But is works.

Was as easy as Pair mode->plug-in and boom it was there as a Thing.

how do these compare to the iris plugs? i know those are a lot more $ but they seem to report power and act as both z-wave and zigbee repeaters

No ZW repeater, that was an experiment exclusively for Lowe’s. Peanut power reporting was supposed to be in a FW update 2+ years ago that never happened. Securifi has pretty much just washed their hands of most of their 1st & 2nd gen HA & routers, moved their new mesh Wi-Fi & subscription firewall service.
Nothing wrong with the Peanuts as long as you don’t need the power reporting. If you need power reporting than go with the Iris.

1/3 of the features, but it is a little smaller and “sexier” IMO

The side button instead of on the face can be more convenient depending on the installation. Separate inclusion button is a definite + .