[ST Edge] Personal Tuya Devices - Generic EF00 Device

You need to connect the dimmer to the Tuya or SmartLife app to change how the dimmer module responds to different types of switches and buttons. Then you connect the dimmer to SmartThings. To do this you will need a Tuya hub. They can be very cheap (less that $10 US) on AliExpress.


Hi, haven’t heard from Wesley in a while. Do you know what we can do for the device to be added to the driver?

Hey! Hi.

If you have a similar device that works by using any of the existing models and you want to contribute with your integration, then just follow the steps in the link above.

In other words:

  1. Fork the repository
  2. Duplicate the yaml file of the similar device
  3. Make the changes you want in the yaml file (Yes, just simple as that! No code at all, nothing! Just copy the yaml file.)
  4. Open a merge request
  5. Be ready to test after the merge request is accepted. Otherwise, I have no choice other than reverting the change.

Thanks for your reply. Looking at the post, @dotan_shai requested you to add the CO sensor to your driver and co-incidentally, even I purchased the same device which is why I was also following up with you to request you to add it to your driver. There is no similar device for this one in your repository so please help.

Oh, I see.
In this case, unfortunately, you will need a little more of coding.

  1. New implementation to treat the capability carbonMonoxideMeasurement ( I suggest you to duplicate it from carbonDioxideMeasurement )
  2. New yaml file for profile to reference the new capability mentoned above ( I suggest you to duplicate it from any other profile that uses carbonDioxideMeasurement )
  3. New yaml file for device model to reference the new profile and the supported capabilities ( I also suggest you to duplicate it from any other model that uses carbonDioxideMeasurement )

Step 1 requires a little of coding skill.
Steps 2 and 3 doesn’t require any coding skills.

Again, everything is explained in the link below.

There are a little more tweaks to do, but I will explain once the merge request is done.

The community will be thankful for your new integration.

In this case, it is as simple as:

  1. Duplicate the models/TS0601/_TZE204_cjbofhxw.yaml in the same folder
  2. Rename the new file with the name _TZE284_cjbofhxw.yaml
  3. Open merge request

All other files are modified automatically.

Thanks for the instructions and I need to digest this first as I am not a programmer. There are no models for CO2 that I could find so can you advise what we can do?

The search field is our friend.


This result contains examples of models and profiles.

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Thanks Wesley. Just out of curiosity, have you stopped adding drivers?

Thanks for the response, but I already returned the device.
Looking at the logs with the CLI it seemed to me that it could cause problems for my zigbee network due to the number of messages that the device emits.

The GatewayStatus.ID command is received every 4 seconds and power, voltage and amp reports are sent with any value change.

The fact that reports cannot be configured makes it not recommended for use in smartthings.

On tuya it seems to work fine, but I can’t see how many messages it sends on tuya.

Based on my limited understanding, I have mimicked the gas and carbonodixode detector codes and tried to replicate this for Carbonmonoxide in the commands.lua as a first step. Then, I created two profiles, one for measurement and the other for detection and referenced both in the model file which has the data points and capabilities. I committed the changes and created pull requests for models and profiles and merged the commands.lua. How do I test this and what should I do next?

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Hi @w35l3y please add command control blacklight for tuya zigbee switch
Mains-Powered Scene Switch-Gateway Connectivity-Tuya Developer

Just to let people know my driver reached the limit of 100 profiles.

I am still trying to imagine how to separate all those profiles logically.

The generic mode tries its best to match another predefined device to work in similar mode.
By separating into 2+ drivers, this feature will be compromised.


Device Information

  • Manufacturer: _TZE204_7gclukjs
  • Model: TS0601

Issue Description

I am using this Tuya Zigbee sensor with SmartThings and have successfully paired it using the provided Edge driver. However, I need assistance in configuring detailed sensor settings to fully utilize the device’s capabilities.


  1. Parameter Settings:
  • Current Distance
  • Far Detection
  • Near Detection
  • Detection Delay
  • Unmanned Delay
  • Sensitivity
  • Illuminance
  1. Sensor On/Off Control:
  • Occupancy Sensor
  • Illuminance Sensor (to be able to disable one if not in use)


  • Assistance in adding parameter setting capabilities to the current driver
  • Code examples or detailed instructions on how to implement these features
  • Any additional tips or information relevant to achieving full functionality of the sensor

Thank you in advance for your help!

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