Tuya 20A Zigbee Relay Integration?

Is there a driver for Tuya 20A water heater switches? I am planning to buy one but just want to make sure there is a driver first. If not, would someone be able to add one for me if I provide the make and model?

In my experience with Tuya switches they wildly over exaggerate the amperage, which makes them at best fail under high loads and at worst catch fire.

Stick to a reputable brand for high amperage switches, for example Aotec heavy duty.


Thanks, I live in the UK and cannot find this. Do you have a link for the Zigbee version and is there an edge driver for this?

I don’t think there is a zigbee version. I am also UK and I bought on Amazon imported from Europe. I might have a spare knocking about if you’d be interested. The z wave on has an officially supported edge driver.

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Thanks for this but I really prefer a Zigbee version only as I have a Wifi one now and it disconnects very frequently because I have a lot of other Wi-fi devices.

@Mariano_Colmenarejo - Would it be possible for you to provide a driver for a Zigbee version if I do purchase it?

Z-wave is not the same as WiFi.

If the device uses the standard 0006 clusters, I don’t think there will be a problem, it could even work with the stock driver with generic fingerprints.

On the other hand, you also have the possibility of using a 20A or 25A Contactor that controls the load and controlling it with a normal zigbee switch.
For example like this one, there are cheaper ones and also


Many thanks for your quick reply @Mariano_Colmenarejo, I live in the UK and need a socket to go into my wall like the one XUELILI Smart Immersion Heater Timer Switch, 2.4Ghz WiFi Water Heater Switch, Smart Wall Touch Boiler Switch with Timer Works with Alexa, Google Home and Smart Life APP, White, 20A, 4400W : Amazon.co.uk: DIY & Tools.

Do you know how to find if it uses the 0006 clusters?

BTW, I have been using your driver for the Zigbee switch I have and I remember you quickly added my fingerprint (within 5 min) which I am still using with no issues at all so thanks once again for this.

Understood but I am move out of the UK in which case I will run into frequency issues.

I have the same solution and have done it exactly as Mariano describes. I used a wall switch that triggers a switch in the circuit board controlling a hot water relay. Works with ZigBee and avoids putting a large load through a cheap Tuya device.

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Noted thanks but I want to do this myself without breaking the wall which is why I am trying to get away with some Zigbee (not necessarily Tuya)


Link you post is a wifi device not zigbee

Or there is a zigbee version too

@Mariano_Colmenarejo Yes, there is a Zigbee version which I am planning from Aliexpress. The link just shows how it looks like

Have you read the reviews??

“Item seemed to work great until 6 weeks in it literally blew itself off the wall, thankfully the electrics fuse board tripped and no serious harm was done”

“Potentially dangerous - doesn’t properly fit a UK backbox”

“Worked great at first then stopped working after a month and a half”

The aotec device is surface wall mounted, I put it next to my immersion heater. The fused spur remains in the same location as before and is just permanently on, such that the z-wave device is in charge of the schedule.

8 years and no explosions, fires or lost connections…


Can you send me a photo or link of the Z-Wave device you have?

I have ordered the Tuya 20A Zigbee version after reading the reviews based on my google search and could not find anything negative.

Those were reviews from the Amazon link you shared in an earlier post.

Here is a UK supplier of the safe and fully supported X wave device: Aeotec Heavy Duty Smart Switch,control automate record electricity consumption Z-Wave Plus 40 amps | Amazon price tracker / tracking, Amazon price history charts, Amazon price watches, Amazon price drop alerts | camelcamelcamel.com

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Thanks for the link - very expensive for the immersion heater and I might as well stick to the Tuya Zigbee version for now and feedback in a few months.

Regarding the link I sent, it is a Wifi version which I have been since Nov 22 and it has been working fine till now. I am trying to get rid of Wifi devices and replace them with Zigbee devices because I am running out of router capacity to handle the number of Wifi devices.

@Mariano_Colmenarejo, Just got this today and set it up now, all working fine as it gets added as a ‘generic switch’ and returns ‘Exposes EF00’ as No.

I can turn the switch on / off via app on and smartthings automation also works but it uses Wesley’s Main driver. It also has the actual as _TZ3000_mantufyr but the expected is blank so can you help add this in please? Let me know if you need any more details.


Pair it with zigbee thing Mc to see all device data