[ST Edge] Personal Tuya Devices - Generic EF00 Device

I would not expect a burning match to trigger it since it is not a smoke detector.

You can test it with a UNLIT: butane cigarette lighter (very cheap and easy to find), or hand held propane torch (my method).

Mine responded very quickly to propane from an unlit torch.

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Hi @w35l3y ,
I know you’re not integrating any additional devices, though this one seems like a small variant of the existing human presence devices, and there seem to be many such 24G devices coming out now with this fingerprint so hoping you may help?

There’s a bunch of references to the complete set of datapoints for this presence sensor out on the web (Z2M and HA seem to have it integrated), pulled one here for reference:
0xEF02: (“motion_detection_sensitivity”, t.uint32_t, True),
0xEF03: (“mov_minimum_distance”, t.uint32_t, True),
0xEF04: (“motion_detection_distance”, t.uint32_t, True),
0xEF05: (“human_motion_state”, t.enum8, True),
0xEF65: (“fading_time”, t.uint32_t, True),
0xEF66: (“motion_false_detection”, t.uint32_t, True),
0xEF67: (“small_motion_detection_distance”, t.uint32_t, True),
0xEF69: (“small_motion_detection_sensitivity”, t.uint32_t, True),
0xEF6A: (“illuminance_value”, t.uint32_t, True),
0xEF6B: (“indicator”, t.enum8, True),
0xEF6C: (“static_detection_distance”, t.uint32_t, True),
0xEF06: (“static_detection_sensitivity”, t.uint32_t, True),
0xEF07: (“micro_minimum_distance”, t.uint32_t, True),
0xEF08: (“motionless_minimum_distance”, t.uint32_t, True),
0xEF09: (“reset_setting”, t.uint32_t, True),
0xEF0A: (“breathe_false_detection”, t.uint32_t, True),
0xEF0B: (“time”, t.uint32_t, True),
0xEF0C: (“alarm_time”, t.uint32_t, True),
0xEF0D: (“alarm_volume”, t.enum8, True),
0xEF0E: (“working_mode”, t.enum8, True),
0xEF0F: (“auto1”, t.uint32_t, True),
0xEF10: (“auto2”, t.uint32_t, True),
0xEF11: (“auto3”, t.uint32_t, True)

Another reference here

I also tried to play with this using the generic interface, but for some reason other than 1,101 and 106 (which are readable?), all other values I try to set seem to fail…

Any help would be much appreciated!

Some useful links to read:

Contribute with your integration

Examples of including predefined devices

These links are indirectly referenced at the first post of this thread.

Where do you normally place this? As of now, I have placed it 0.1 m to the right and 0.5m to the right of the gas hob.

Typically near ceiling level for natural gas (light than air) and near floor level for LP, propane or butane (heavier than air). Of course you want it in the area of your potential gas leak.

Thanks Paul, I have natural gas but don’t have a socket point near the ceiling. Not sure what more I can do…

That is a problem with plug in devices. Close to the stove would be your next best option.

Mine is installed in an unfinished basement next to my furnace and hot water heater so a ceiling installation was fairly easy.

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Great driver, just what I was looking for.
I have connected avatto thermostat (zwt198) and os working perfectly…only issue I have that temperature that are reported are in 10 multiply (e.g 16.5°c are reported as 165°c).
Is there any way to divide the reported value?

There are many profiles for thermostats.
Some profiles contains the “rate” in the settings.
There must have a profile or manufacturer more compatible to your device.
If the profile you are using contains “rate” option, try changing it to something like 1000 or 10000.
Otherwise, change the profile or the manufacturer in the settings.
You didn’t post any screenshot, so I don’t know what to suggest exactly.

EDIT: It takes up to five minutes to get updated with the new rate value.
Working perfectly!
Thank you

Sadly rate option is not changing anything in measurement.

Attached screen shots.

Hi @w35l3y - I have sent you a code review for the addition of the presence sensor. Lmk what else is needed :slight_smile:

Do you know if this will work with ST? ONENUO Tuya Smart Home WiFi Natural Gas Sensor Combustible Coal Gas LPG Gas Leakage Alarm Detector Fire Security Protection - AliExpress

This driver only works with ZigBee devices NOT WiFi devices. Your description say it’s WiFi and I can’t open the link in the US to see any other details.

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Hi @w35l3y ,
Hi was unable to find carbon_monoxide (CO sensor which is toxic )
Is it possible to add. If you need here is a sensor that uses EF00:

modelID: 'TS0601',
 manufacturerName: '_TZE200_rjxqso4a'

and here are some DP for that sensor:

 tuyaDatapoints: [
                [1, 'carbon_monoxide', tuya.valueConverter.trueFalse0],
                [2, 'co', tuya.valueConverter.raw],
                [9, 'self_test_result', tuya.valueConverter.selfTestResult],
                [15, 'battery', tuya.valueConverter.raw],
                [16, 'silence', tuya.valueConverter.raw],

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