[ST Edge] Personal Tuya Devices - Generic EF00 Device

The driver started recognizing it! The presence detection is accurate, but the lux is incorrect (it’s dark when I took that screenshot) and settings don’t always update. I really appreciate it though, it does what I need.

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Do you know the exact formula ?
In my case, it doesn’t matter what is the value exactly, but I needed a way to distinguish when it is bright or dark.
But if you know the right formula, I can change it.

And don’t trust that level.
Pay attention the value is 366 and the range is from 0 to 100000
So, it should be very near to the 0, but it is in the middle.

@w35l3y again thank you for all your help.

Still trying to figure out the formula. I think I almost have it. Also the hole is too small for the light sensor, which plays a part.

A new issue cropped up though. I am no longer able to adjust the settings of the sensor. It will let me change the values but it does not actually update the sensor.

I also came across this template. Tuya mmWave Presence Sensor (ZY-M100) Configuration for Tasmota

I found it and fixed 2 minutes ago, only available at my beta channel.


I updated to the beta version but it has the same issue. Let me know if there’s additional data I can send you to assist.

Are you using wifi hub ?
This driver requires firmware 45.1+ to work properly.

I tried to enroll my hub and I got this error message. Any help would be appreciated

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It’s a platform error. It’s not affecting all drivers or all users, but it is affecting a lot of both. Reportedly fixed about 10 minutes before the time of this posting. See the current active discussion thread:

Unable to join channels (25 Jan 2023)

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