[ST Edge] Issues with released Drivers

Use this thread to report issues of the SmartThings default release drivers found in this repo:

Are icons working for any edge drivers? Or is just the new zigbee motion driver that has a bug?

I migrated a couple more motion sensors this evening and those did pick up the correct icon. The previous installations just had the generic icon. Don’t know what I can do to correct that without pairing them again.

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The same thing happens to me, when you install it the icon is correct and after a while the thing icon appears

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I have the same issue

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Yes, all three I migrated yesterday evening have now dropped the motion sensor icon overnight . I hadn’t noticed that was what was happening. I was too distracted by the battery readings being half what they should be on the IKEA. I also have two with no battery reading at all but both are probably routing through the same Tradfri Outlet and they have form for getting into a state where they mangle battery reporting.

I am little surprised the motion attribute isn’t being initialised either (at least not on the IKEA). Not a big deal but these drivers need to be absolutely Rolls-Royce.


I don’t have any Ikea device.
I have installed the zigbee smoke sensor and in addition to the problem of the icon, it does not show the status in the mosaic.
I also see in the live log that every 30 sec the hub receives a Health Poll event.
It seems exaggerated to me, the groovy dth had a checkinterval of 20 * 60 + 2 * 60.
Send the status every 180 sec the same as the dth.
I don’t know if this will have a negative impact on battery life.
I have been trying to modify it in the code, but at the moment I have not succeeded.

Icons are shown based on ocfDeviceType.
You can set ocfDeviceType in profile yaml file.

Refer to my source code about applying ocfDeviceType.

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Right, but this is SmartThings’ own beta drivers. Reporting here mostly so their devs log the problem.

Yeah, Smartthings team needs to add the ocfDeviceType in their source code.

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Good thing the new edge drivers just need to be updated instead of replaced

The health poll every 30 seconds is also in another driver that I have installed, smartthing multiporpuse sensor.
Will it be a common hub routine for edge drivers?

Do they though? Or is the mobile app actually up to its tricks again? After all it (the Android app in my case) does manage to display a motion sensor for several hours before changing to the generic icon, and the web and Windows apps are still managing to display a motion sensor icon. When working with DTHs I have actually largely given up with the app and presentations as not only can the presentation the API shows as assigned spontaneously change to the default presentation, but the app clearly doesn’t always use the assigned presentation anyway. So an icon would be neither here or there to it.

This also rather ties in with comments that I made in another thread (probably, I don’t think it was here) where I was querying the presentation shown in the custom capabilities sample as it had no obvious origin. Here the IKEA motion sensor devices, for example, are using a presentationID in the SmartThingsCommunity namespace in the standard UUID form. That doesn’t appear in the source but can be seen to be assigned to the motion-battery device profile in the API. To me that suggests it has been retrofitted to the profile. It seems we have lost a bit of the narrative that would aid understanding.


Hi, all. Just a recap, the sample Driver with the icon error are:

The ones with the issue in calculations/status are:

  • Zigbee Smoke sensor > not showing the status. @Mariano_Colmenarejo, it is never shown or only appears after a certain period of time?
  • Zigbee Smoke sensor
    • The motion status is not initialized
    • The battery value is not calculated correctly. @orangebucket, the values shown in the logs don’t match the level shown in the app? Please share a screenshot about this.

It never showed current state on the app tile. If it shows it in STHM and in device details

Please, share some screen captures to have a better reference of the issue

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Here you go Nayelyz. The first 2 are ikea the last one is sonoff.

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The specific issues I have with the released Edge Drivers are limited to the IKEA motion sensor being used with the Zigbee Motion Sensor driver as that is all I have tested. Those that I believe are bugs or significant issues are:

  1. The mobile app shows ‘Checking …’ on the dashboard tile and a crossed out cloud for motion in the details view until the device detects a motion event. That is what I would expect to see if the motion attribute isn’t initialised but that is purely my assumption based on the symptoms.
  2. The battery levels reported are approximately half of what I would expect. For example, a battery that was quite reasonably reporting 100% using the DTH reports 50% using the Edge driver. However it isn’t always a factor of two. For example, batteries that were reporting 87% in the DTH are reporting 44% using the Edge driver, but those reporting 77% in the DTH seem to be reporting 30%. So although I suspect a factor of two is being missed somewhere, it may also be a different calculation being used, or perhaps a voltage report versus a percentage report. I have not examined the logs myself and wasn’t aware I had commented on them unless I’d gone off at a tangent again.
  3. The Android mobile app displays a motion sensor icon for the device in the dashboard when first paired but after a period of time it changes to the generic device icon. I can’t say exactly how long that period is but mine changed overnight so I am tempted to think in terms of an app cache expiring because why not? I could well imagine this is down to the app but I can’t assume it isn’t a driver issue.

Other issues I have noted:

  1. One out of six sensors paired silently. As this has always been something that happens now and again I merely report this as an observation.
  2. A couple of sensors failed to report battery levels at all. However months ago when analysing my hub logs for the battery drain issue, Bret detected that a couple of my routers seemed to be interfering with battery report configuration and I’ve noticed it quite a bit. So that might just be IKEA outlets screwing up repeating. So again I note an observation.
  3. I have had one of my six motion sensors drop offline today - one that hadn’t activated since yesterday. I’m a bit surprised as the one thing my mesh isn’t is weak or short of options these days but I merely observe it as it could well be a genuine call. If it does it again I’ll be concerned.

I had one other observation, which was that the motion-battery profile used by the IKEA motion sensor uses a UUID format presentationId in the SmartThingsCommunity namespace. As that doesn’t appear in the source for the driver package I assume it must have been applied to the device profile retrospectively. Nothing wrong with that at all, but it does help the community developers if what they see is what they are actually getting and in this case it isn’t.

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@nayelyz I also do not see the correct icons for both Zigbee illuminance Sensor and Zigbee Multipurpose Sensor.

The illuminance Sensor is an Xiaomi Mija light sensor and the multipurpose sensor is the SmartThings MultiPurpose contact sensor.

I have also noticed that some automations using the devices with new drivers are not shown as local anymore.

Finally I’m not sure this is intended with the new drivers but the seem to show as cloud connected placeholders in the IDE.


Where are you seeing a released version of the the zigbee multipurpose sensor driver? I don’t see one at: