Bosch ISW-ZPR1-WP13 motion detector edge driver ST hub v3

Has anyone been able to get their Bosch ISW-ZPR1-WP13 motion detectors to work with a new edge driver using ST hub v3? If yes, what driver did you use? Thank you!

Got it working. Use the Zigbee Motion Sensor Mc edge driver. Seems to be working great. I hope ST never goes through another conversion like this. Yikes!

I have three. One of them ended up offline. In looking at the IDE it had unknown device in its route even all other zigbee devices were accounted for and online. I deleted it and attempted to reboard it by brand but this model wasn’t listed. I went ahead and selected the “TriTech motion detector” but it wasn’t discovered.
I tried a scan nearby and it was discovered. In the app it showed online and the “driver” option indicating it was using an edge driver. Unfortunately the driver is a “Z-wave switch” even though it’s a zigbee device. If I click on “select different driver”, I get “no results found”. The MC edge driver was installed before I tried to reboard the device. Go figure…
The other two haven’t migrated yet.

I just switched to this driver and its not reporting the temperature. Did yours report the temp?

Nevermind. It reported after a few minutes.

It took a few minutes for mine to report Temp.

This morning the Bosch in the garage is offline along with an Ikea motion re added with edge driver. Will try a reboot to see of they come back online

Mine is still online as of a few minutes ago. I am using the Zigbee Motion Sensor Mc that was mentioned earlier in the thread.

Reboot now shows the Ikea with Edge driver online. One of the three Bosch sensors is still offine. All three Bosch haven’t been migrated yet. Why one goes offline and the other two stay online is a mystery.

I wonder if it will come online if you try to remove it and then re-add it to the hub.

It should. I did remove one and re add it with the MC edge driver. Works great. Was hoping they would migrate so I wouldn’t have to do it myself. Guess I’ll have to get6 cracking and do the other three.

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