Smartthings edge motion sensor issues

I have switched my ikea motion sensors and sonoff motion sensor to use the new edge driver for zigbee motion sensors. The work fine for a few hours and then get stuck and never respond again.

Anyone else has these issues?

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I had same problem. After Ikea motion sensor was added with edge driver, it was going offline within minutes. Previously with groovy dth, everything was fine. It was using some porch lights as routers to the hub. With edge driver could not stay connected, so I went back to Groovy dth, and it’s back to normal.

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The thing is i enrolled to the beta to help smartthings out in finding and fixing bugs so that they can get to the release them to everyone fast. However it is quite annoying as my motion based automations don’t work. Lets hope this will get resolved soon.

Yes, i am enrolled too in beta, and i have reported this first day of beta driver, but some of my automations depend on this motion sensors, and that’s why i went back, until they reissue updated drivers

Yeah if this doesn’t get fixed within a day or 2, i am going back to groovy as well.

Interesting. My IKEA Motion Sensors on Edge Drivers do seem to be working OK (icons and incorrect battery readings aside) but they do seem vulnerable to getting marked offline after significant periods without detecting motion. For example I was away for a few days and half my sensors were marked offline. The other half had been giving me occasional false motion detection, as they seem prone to doing, and stayed online. When I arrived home and triggered the sensors they all came back online.

There is an issue with configuration of battery reporting being blocked by misbehaving Tradfri repeaters, and certainly a couple of my sensors are suffering from that, so I wonder if battery reporting is being relied upon. ST could probably do us and themselves a big favour by doing OTA updates to IKEA kit.

That all said, I don’t think I’ve actually had the sensors not actually work, just be reported offline, disruptive as it can be.

Thing is mine just get stuck. No offline status no nothing.

Btw i am really starting to think it is maybe time to get to HA as it really ticks most boxes that i need and ST needs years still to get to what HA offers today.

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I had same problem and don’t have any idea how to solves it indigocard!!

same issue here for me. Ikea motion jusy shows offline on edge. How do you force it back to groovy? uninstall the driver?

Yes. Uninstall the driver where you installed it from. Delete the device from SmartThings than re-pair.