[ST Edge] Issues with released Drivers

That’s the one included in this tutorial :smiley::

ah, I see! Maybe it should be added to the Github repo since its used in the tutorial?

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ok, you mean:

For the automations to run locally, they must only include devices/conditions that have a local execution. If there’s at least one that runs in the cloud, the Automation won’t run locally.

As the Drivers are not fully recognized by the IDE, the “CLOUD” value for the execution is set by default and as the device doesn’t match a DTH, “placeholder” is set in that field.
I suggest you check the device info through the ST API instead.

The main purpose of the ST Multipurpose Sensor Driver is to help you get started working with Edge using a common Device, that’s why it only has the two fingerprints related. You have a good point, though. I’ll share that with the engineering team :smiley:


Thank you for sharing the details of your tests. I’ve reported these ones:

Do you mean that they didn’t show any logs?

Mmm…yes maybe this is something particular in your case, I’ll be checking if someone else reports it.

Yes, this needs more observation. As the health is handled automatically by the Drivers, maybe if the devices enter into a sleep mode when you don’t use them after a period of time, that could cause them to go offline when the Driver checks their status. Let me know what happens.

@Automated_House - @nayelyz beat me to it, this is the one from the tutorial :slight_smile:.

@nayelyz, yes they are the 2 I am using :slight_smile:
The multipurpose sensor did show the correct icon in the devices screen at first but then changed after a few hours to the unknown icon, however the icon never appeared in the automations; this always showed the unknown icon.

I have realised that the non local automations are caused by the “Delay this action” and “Stays this status for how long?” attributes. Will either of these ever be local or do they rely on the cloud to compare against device history?

Thanks :+1:

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I wouldn’t even think to look at the logs when pairing most devices. No, I use ‘silent’ to mean that the app didn’t display the usual tile inviting you to rename the device.

Neither did I get notifications from the Alexa or Google integrations of a new device, but Alexa has gone from actually being the fastest indicator of successful pairing to sending a notification when it feels like it, and Google has rarely ever done it at all. That’s another story though.

Just want to add a bit of context Graham, as you, I am in the UK and although I am not in any beta testing if I add any form of new device Echo picks it up instantly and reliably, although 2 different instances cannot be used as a yardstick there is a possibility that your specific network might be involved in some odd behaviours as you stated before

Echo not detecting devices is not systemic to all people

Which helps not a jot but does help the head scratching continue

The re-pairing mode used for groovy zigbee DTHs, which is putting the device in pairing mode without uninstalling it from the app and with hub unsecure mode, doesn’t work for edge drivers.
I also tried it, as says @orangebucket , and it pairs without the app showing that device has been paired and inviting you to change the name of the device.
From what was seen in the logs, it paired badly and did not send state events every set interval.
In order to It work properly again, it must be uninstalled and re-paired.

Yes, although my mention of a ‘silent’ pairing in this thread wasn’t in this context, I have found exactly this. I’m pleased to see it wasn’t just me.

As I raised the issue in another thread I’ll repeat it here for visibility.

In my case I was trying to re-pair a motion sensor that was reporting offline and did seem to be genuinely unresponsive for some reason. In my case I wasn’t watching the logs and nothing appeared in the app, but the device ended up marked as online. In fact the device was still in pairing mode.

With the interpretation of the metrics of the zigbee signal received by the hub, it is not known whether it is a direct device-Hub connection or through a repeater.
In screenshot that I send you, the log says lqi: c8 (200) and rssi = -50.
In this case I am sure that it is through a repeater that is between the sensor and the hub, since these values are impossible at a distance of 12 m with walls.

Will a more complete report of metrics by device be seen in the future, similar to the current IDE?
It is a very useful tool for the investigation and solution of network problems

The smoke sensor today started showing “Searching …” on the tile even though it is perfectly on line.
In STHM and on its details page it shows the correct status

drivers use obsolete math.pow function

ERROR Zigbee Motion Sensor Illuminance Sensor thread encountered error: [string “st.zigbee.defaults.illuminanceMeasurement_def…”]:33: attempt to call a nil value (field ‘pow’)

Thank you, @veonua. This is already reported as it was also included here:

I have seen It now.
In the status monitor of the favorites page, app android, the door open warning of the multipurpose sensor that has the edge driver installed does not appear.
With the DTH it did appear.

Yes, those options are not included in the local execution yet. Our team is working on that but there’s no ETA yet.

I can’t see the logs yet due to the below error which I have raised on a related thread, however I think this may be the reason why my Xiaomi illuminance sensor does not produce any readings using the zigbee-illuminance-sensor driver

None of my IKEA motion sensors should have gone active for a couple of days now. That hasn’t actually stopped some of them (grrr …). Three with Edge drivers have gone offline. I’m pretty sure those are the ones that haven’t been activated.

Mind you if they are relying on battery reports to stay online all bets are off as I have too many Tradfri Outlets around to muck things up. On reflection everything I have from IKEA is actually letting me down.

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Hi, Graham. Thank you for sharing the behavior of the devices, I’m checking some details with the engineering team so, I’ll get back as soon as I get their feedback. Thanks!

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