[ST Edge] Issues with multi-component devices and third-party integrations

Hi @nayelyz @posborne

I have installed all available edge drivers from smartthings and I see a big problem with the way how multi gang switches like “Qubino 2 relay switch”, “Neo coolcam double switch” are being handled by “z-wave switch” edge driver. Instead creating separate child device for each gang in a switch, they all are being put in one device using sub components.

In this format it is not possible to use/call separate gangs neither in Google Home nor in webcore as they are being recognized as one device only.

Keep in mind that even official “Qubino 2 relay switch” groovy DTH provided by smartthings have also created separate child devices, so such a change is not backward compatible at all even with DTH which smartthings have provided before.

Is there any plan to change the way how multi gang switches are going to be handled by edge drivers or do you suggest any workaround for that to overcome it ?

I tried creating “simulated switch” along with two automations to synchronize the changes on the child component (representing the second gang) with it, and reverse, but this didn’t work as it ended up in a loop.


Yes, in the non-Groovy integrations such as ST Schema or Edge drivers, components are not presented as separate devices.
However, I’ll share your question with the engineering team to see if they can provide any feedback and I’ll share it here with you.

Thank you for bringing this up.

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Great than you.

I’ve always been a bit surprised that a comparatively recent integration like the Google Home one only handles the ‘main’ component. It seems rather lazy.

I don’t have webCoRE installed any more but I never used to have any problems using components, whether from legacy or current integrations. They were always available for authorisation as if they were child devices.

To me the apps are at fault for not handling components more effectively.

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Smartthings needs to present multi component devices in a way that allows voice assistants to independently control each switch of a two gang or three gang switch.

There are lots of examples of these devices.

Zooz zen30 fan/light switch (zwave)


Aeotec Nano dimmer, which allows separate functions for S1 and S2.(Zwave)


Tuya Smart Zigbee 3.0 2 gang switch

(this is the one with an integration in the smartthings app, again, separate functions for S1 and S2)

And lots of others. Like the recently added Heltun Quinto, which has 5 outputs, not just multiple inputs.

These are multi endpoint devices. There are multiple different ways of implementing that, but they are part of the standard protocol for both Z wave and Zigbee. And smartThings should be able to handle them, both in its own automations and in exposure to voice assistants and Ifttt.

Submitted with respect.


Has anything promised that Edge drivers would be backwards compatible with the all the abilities present in existing DTHs?

Of course not, but that is the purpose of this forum so the smartthings team can hear our feedback from testing edge beta drivers and provide changes or workarounds if needed, as this is still work in progress.

And I strongly believe that handling of multi gang switches by smart speakers is a must, as for sure a lot of users use such things and a lot of companies sell them.

So @nayelyz if possible talk to engineers please and let us know if any workaround could be provided.

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You’re right, Edge drivers are a work in progress, the team is constantly working on improving their functionality.

I already created the report for the engineering team, once I get more information, I’ll share it with you.