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Hope there’s not a Happy Christmas anouncement with small print saying Groovy discontinued Jan 1 2022


yeah, considering we’re only 6 weeks out from 2022, and for all we know Groovy will be retired end of 2021, it’s quite the odd situation.


It would be nice if ST staff announced if the Groovy EOL is still planned for end of 2021 or has been extended (even if date unknown).


Any luck in getting the Ikea 5 button remote to work with new edge driver? It pairs but is unresponsive.

Are you referring to this model (the one using the five-buttons-battery profile?

Have you tried deleting it and pairing it again? Sometimes happens that the configuration wasn’t completed correctly.
If you’re discovering the device through the “scan nearby” option and the device is listed as “found”, you should wait a few seconds for its configuration to finish.

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Has there been any progress on getting edge drivers to work with the Smartthings WIFI? Its been a while since the last version that said it was supposed to start working. Just curious as I can’t find any mention of it lately. Thanks.


Has there been any update on a customer focused rollout/beta. Has been 7 months since announcement?

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Sorry for the delay, @mhatley, there has been no update about that yet.

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Hi, @Olicoley. Can you give more details about your interest regarding the customer-focused Edge drivers? For example, are you looking for a way to create drivers for devices or you’re wondering what will happen with your devices that are currently using a DTH?

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I am curious about this.

The information about the migration (devices that use stock DTHs) will be shared once the official announcement about the Groovy sunset comes out. Please, stay tuned for the posts of this Community section and the newsletter (subscription is available at the bottom).
There will be plenty of time in case we need to make some changes due to this process.

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That is what happened when I tried to subscribe to the newsletter.


Subscribing throws a 404.


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Thanks for sharing, @Bry, @w35l3y. I will report that to the corresponding team