Unable to edit groovy DTH in IDE - 27th Nov 2022

Hello, I noticed I can’t edit classic handlers anymore in IDE? is it just me or Edit is disabled.
Even to comment out fingerprints, I won’t be able to do this.
Anyone is facing the same problem?

Edit has been disabled as they are in the process of decommissioning IDE.

Oct 15th

· Update IDE to only allow updates or deletion of existing DTHs

· Disable the ability to add new SmartApps

· Remove the IDE debugging tools (Live Logging and IDE simulator)

but they removed edit a few weeks ago in addition to what they posted.

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exactly. so I have no way of testing my strange devices with edge drivers. if I delete existing handler those may stop working.

you have a couple of weeks to go:

December 12

· Start migration of 3rd party DTH’s to a ST-owned lua driver if they fingerprint match, if not will move to the Thing driver

What device - brand/model in case someone can offer suggestions?

I have NEO Coolcam 2 and 3 channel switches. Previously I manage to make it work with Z-Wave Multi Metering Switch with my fingerprints. But not sure what would be edge equivalent for multi channel switch. Appreciate any hints. thanks

I have a one gang Neo Coolcam Switch working with the Smartthings Beta Driver Z-Wave Switch

I am going to test with a two gang in a couple of days.

1 gang is not an issue. This one always worked fine with old DTH and edge driver. Problem always has been with 2/3 gang switches. Those needed multi channel handling and I doubt edge drivers have those capabilities yet. but if it works, please let us know. thanks

main problem is explained here. I doubt issue is resolved. I was adding Fibaro double switch and it got added as single switch with 2nd switch controlled inside. So, this will not work well with automations, if you want to control 2nd switch. In groovy it was detected as 2 separate switches. So, I am worried the same will be with NEO 2/3 gang. Please let me know once you test. thanks

I have 2 gang working.
First install Smartthings Beta Edge Driver Z-Wave Switch and Mariano’s Z-Wave Switch MC Driver.
Delete Switch, then scan for nearby devices, one switch is found with Mariano’s driver, then change to ST Beta driver, a second switch is created. Left switch has main and switch1 which I’m ignoring.
Right switch is just one.
So I have two separate switches in app.

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Thanks. I have both installed already. So, let’s see. I also have also HomeAssistant running that works perfectly with 3 gang and detects as 3 separate switches. Can always use it there and integrate with ST