[ST Edge] Issue with the Z-Wave Switch driver

Hello @nayelyz
I have tested the Beta zwave switch driver with the Fibaro FGS 223 double switch, which is in the driver fingerprints.

  - id: "010F/0203"
    deviceLabel: Fibaro Double Switch
    manufacturerId: 0x010F
    productType: 0x0203
    deviceProfileName: switch-1-button-6-power-energy

Try first as @philh30 said, to pair it without uninstalling the device from the DTH. Surprise is paired with the driver on the first try, but it is offline and does not work, the device continued to work with the DTH, which had the same DNI (09).

I uninstall the device with the zwave exclusion and it unpairs from the driver and continues to work with the DTH.

I uninstall the switch with zwave exclusion and it perfectly uninstalls from the DTH.

I try again to install and it pair with the DTH zigbee switch Power, like Philio Plug.
I delete the Philio fingerprint line from the DTH zigbee switch Power and try again to match it to the driver.

Now it pairs with the stock DTH Zwave device and there is no way it will pair with something else and I can’t do anything anymore and it doesn’t work clear either.

Have you received any other similar anomaly and if there is a solution?


Well, I already got it paired Double Switch Fibaro FGS-223 with the Driver Zwave Switch.
It was a matter of bringing the Hub closer to the switch, which was 6 meters away.

The problem is that it shows this device de-purpose:

  • A switch 1 that controls switch 1
  • A main switch that controls switch 1 as well
  • 6 buttons !!!
  • There is no control for switch 2.

I uninstall it, since it is not usable, nor of receipt that smartthings publishes a driver in this condition.

It doesn’t look great. Are you querying the number of buttons or that there are any at all? I can see they are handling the scenes but I haven’t pondered it too deeply.

It’s possible.
In IDE, the DTH also says it has 6 buttons, 3 each switch, although they are not shown.
They are configurable in preference settings.
I have never used the send scenes functions.

Can you send an email to build@smartthings.com with the following information to report the issue, please?

  • A video of the switch1 and main components to see how both control switch 1
  • The Hub logs received during the video reporting to see what is displayed in the app and the actual events sent.

Hello, @nayelyz

Making a video of how switch1 and main control the same physical switch is a bit difficult for me now.
I have the device again paired with the DTH and I would have to disassemble the hub and bring it close to the device and pair it again with the driver and then again with the dth.

In the video you would only see that the main or switch1 is activated, but you would not see which light turns on.

I can send you the entire pairing log and at the end there are several changes from on to off of the main and switch 1 and surely you will be able to get more information.

You will also see in logs that it measures exactly the same power in the 2 channels and in reality there is 6 watts of difference from one lamp to another.

I understand, in the logs should appear the event from the app targeting main or switch1 and the message sent to the same device endpoint, which would be really helpful for the engineering team.


I send file to e-mail and you tell me if it is enough