[ST Edge] Driver for GE/Jasco/Honeywell Z-Wave Switches, Dimmers, Fans, Outlets, and Plug-Ins

Once you enroll and install the driver it is on your hub. Any future updates that Phil makes will automatically update your hub within 12 Hrs.

To see your installed drivers in the mobile app click on: Hub > 3 dots in upper right corner > driver and it should list all of your Installed drivers.

So far as I know, the SmartThings “stock” Edge drivers will not support any multi-tap operations, same as it was for the stock DTHs.

If you have switches that support multi-tap, you’ll need to find a community-developed driver that will do it. I’m not a fan of multi-tap so don’t have any recommendations. You might be able to find a community-developed driver with the help of the Wiki:


Correct, the stock drivers do not support multi-tap. I’m using @philh30 's driver, which generally works great.

Since my above post, I managed to update the firmware on the switches in question. These switches now fall under a newer profile (fingerprint: 0063-4952-3137), which enables ge-switch-scene (allowing double and triple taps) in the driver. However, I have several other switches with the 0063-4952-3038/3037 fingerprint. These initially appear to have had the ZW4003 firmware, which evidently could only use the ge-switch-assoc profile (and this is how philh30’s driver is coded). However, my switches (despite the older fingerprint) appear to have come with the ZW4008 firmware. Thus, they are capable of central scene, but they are using the older profile in the driver. When I have time, I’ll fork philh30’s driver and try switching those fingerprints to the ge-switch-scene profile and see if it works.

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For the record, I was able to modify philh30’s driver to make the 14292 and 14293 GE Smart Toggle Switches (fingerprints: 0063/4952/3037 and 0063/4952/3038) with ZW4008 use the ge-switch-scene profile. This worked, and I’m now able to use 3x taps and held up/down commands on those switches. Now how the driver can account for the fact that switches with the same fingerprint may have different zwave firmware, I’ll leave to those smarter than me…

See ST-Edge-Drivers/GE-Jasco at main · philh30/ST-Edge-Drivers · GitHub for a list of all the different fingerprints, devices, and profiles in the driver.

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I’m looking for Edge drivers for a ZW3102 Energy Monitoring Lamp Modules (0063/4450/3031) . Currently using the Z-Wave Metering Dimmer DTH.

@philh30 Are you still planning to add the parameters (specifically default dim level) to routines in your driver for z-wave switches and dimmers? Eagerly awaiting this feature!

I would love to switch to these EDGE drivers but can’t even imagine doing this manually (60+ devices not to mention all the routines I would have to redo)
Will this eventually somehow “transfer” it self to edge drivers?


What are you running them with now, custom DTHs or standard?

At some future date there will be an automatic migration from Groovy DTHs to Edge drivers. How it works will depend on if your devices are on stock or custom DTHs and on what, if any, custom Edge drivers you loaded onto your hub. The automatic migration is supposed to preserve the devices places in your automations.

Once a given device is using an Edge driver, it’s easy to change to a different, compatible, driver.

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Yes - the migration is underway now and ST is slowly converting existing devices. The only devices I’ve seen reported here as automatically migrated, or observed myself so far are ST buttons and Z-wave repeaters.

If you’re currently using stock DTH (have not installed custom code), your devices will eventually convert to stock Edge drivers. If it goes smoothly you’ll never notice a difference.

If you want your switches to use this driver after migration, you can enroll using the “Channel Invitation” link in the first post and install the driver(s) for your devices. If you do it before those devices are migrated, and if the fingerprint for the device matches the one in the driver, the driver should be automatically selected (priority over stock driver). If you install it later, or the preferred driver isn’t chosen during migration, you can change the driver from the three-dot menu on the device screen.

Details about migration are here; the migration is part of the first stage but it seems like they’re only now really starting to move devices on a wider basis.


I will change all to standard from DTH
Thank you!

Hi @philh30,

As many have said, I really appreciate all that you are doing here with Edge drivers for GE/Jasco Z-Wave products. Thank You.

I have a question based around user experience that I am kind of surprised I haven’t seen mentioned yet. I may have overlooked it, but more than likely I’m just that picky UX guy.

I am running the driver on two GE Z-Wave In-Wall Smart Fan Control (55258 / ZW4002) switches with the fingerprint 0063/4944/3337 that are registered with profile ge-fan-scene. Since this is just a fan control, I do not have use for the Dimmer (switchLevel) or Button capabilities in the device controls in the app. Is it possible to have the driver recognize the profile and hide these from the device UI?

I understand this may be tedious or not ideal given some users may prefer to leverage the button functionality for with their fan control. It may be better to add functionality that allows the user to show/hide the controls via settings in the app. Or perhaps there is an existing way to disable the device capability via the cli that would hide the control? I checked but didn’t see anything stand out in the command help for managing device capabilities

Let me know what you think, and if I can provide any additional details. Thanks again for all you are doing.

Do the motion sensing switches support multi tap?

I just installed the GE Outdoor Outlet and I am having a weird issue.

It paired the Phil’s Edge driver immediately but I cannot get any status updates nor turn ON the outlet from my phone. I can however turn OFF the outlet from the SmartThings app, with the caveat that the status is never updated.

Anyone have this issue?

P.S. how does one look up device information anymore? The IDE doesn’t show anything anymore for devices on Edge drivers and I do not see any information in the IOS app.