[Request] DH request for GE Jasco Switch 52252

hello all, was wondering if i may request here for a custom device handler for the newer Enbrighten 52252 Z-Wave Plus Smart Light Dimmer Switch.

Locally, only features are On/Off and Dim and status LED control.

I did however use this DH from mwav3 and it seemed to work, but had some errors and issues, but the multi tap worked, so i would imagine its possible. thanks for taking a look !

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The mwav3 DTHs are the most up-to-date that you’ll find in Groovy, though based on your model number I think you’d want his DTH for the 46203 dimmer.

We’re in the middle of a transition away from Groovy DTHs. The replacement is Edge drivers, which have the benefit of running locally on your hub instead of in the cloud. I have a driver that should support your device - see the link below if you’re interested.


thanks. looks like i have it all installed with ST Edge now. so when Edge is rolled out officially, will my custom DH for a z-wave floodlight sensor be transcoded into an Edge driver? or will it still be up to the manufacturer of the floodlight sensor to create a driver to run it local on my ST hub ?
Sensor im speaking about is this one from HomeSeer. HS-FLS100+

Z-Wave and Zigbee devices that are using custom DTHs when the cutover happens will be mapped to one of the stock drivers that ST staff are building. The stock drivers seem to be replicating the functionality of the stock DTHs, so if you have a custom DTH has extra functionality that you want/need to keep then it will be up to someone - you, the manufacturer, the DTH author, or someone else - to rewrite it in Lua.

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roger that. thanks again for your work. i suppose ill head over to the Homeseer forum and ask about their plans for an Edge driver.

Lua huh… i know i should have paid more attention in Stormworks :sweat_smile:

so one thing i noted when testing, not sure if bug… if i set double tap up to dim on to 30% on it will never allow me to use the single tap up to get 100% on full… it gets kind of stuck in the dim state. any recommendations?

Could you post a screenshot of how you have that set up? I assume that’s in a routine?

The default setting for Default Brightness Level is 0, which means that the device will return to the previous dim level when turned on. Try setting that to 99, which is full brightness, to see if that does what you want.

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ah, yes. i see how that works now. again, thanks.

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Unfortunately I stopped using Smartthings awhile ago so wont be updating any of the drivers I worked on to edge. Anyone is welcome to use the Groovy code on my githib to develop a replacement though.

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thanks for the reply @mwav3 looks like the way forward is Lua and Edge.

@philh30 hey phil, so ive been using your Edge drivers for some time now and noticed that for some reason, whenever i hit the bathroom switch down to turn it off, it triggers my HomeSeer FLS100 outdoor zwave motion detector. it makes it sense motion. i dont really know where to post to get any assistance on this. is it the radio frequency of the GE/Jasco 52252 switch? or some sort of resistance change in the 120v power going to the light, or is it something in the edge driver sending something to the FLS100 to make it trigger a motion detection…

Is the motion sensor located where it can see the light produced and/or the switch?

no, the switches are indoors and the motion detector is outside the house.

Edge drivers are sandboxed - there’s no way for it to be doing this. The cause is most likely going to be something specific to your set up, so you’ll need to test/troubleshoot to narrow down the cause.

Are the two devices on the same circuit? If so, it could be an electrical issue. Does the motion sensor work when your switch is on/off? Maybe you’ve miswired the switch and it’s cutting power to the sensor.

Is there anything that happens outdoors when you flip the switch? A change in ambient lighting through a window? A peeping Tom that scurries away when the light goes out? Try covering the sensor completely so it can’t detect motion, then see if you still get the motion events from the switch.

Have you set up any automations or z-wave associations that involve either of the devices?

Do the motion events happen every time you flip the switch, or only sometimes? Does time of day matter? Does it matter whether you flip the switch physically or through the app?

Do live logs for the motion sensor tell you anything?

the exterior lights are on their own circuit breaker.

the notification i get from the sensor is when turn the switch off, but occasionally when the switch is turned on. its distinctly immediate. as soon as i hit the off, i get the notifcation of motion detected from the sensor.

the only automation i have set up is to notify me when motion is detected.

i would say that it happens 90 percent of the time when i hit the off switch in the bathroom.

live logs dont give me anything to go on. simply, bathroom switch went off, and then motion detected.

Is the switch controlling exterior lights?

no exterior lights are on a breaker, no switch for them

Cover the motion sensor with cardboard so it can’t see any motion whatsover, and then test.