[ST EDGE] Categories: Bridges - settings, and control no longer available with the new SmartThings app (Feb 2024)


Here’s the same device on the same account, same driver, and same hub, but on two different app versions.

Latest, iOS SmartThings app.

As you can see - no control, no settings available.

With the older Android SmartThings app - 1-8-05-24 (from August 2023), and as you can see - control, and settings are available.

This is happening in the “Bridges” device category.

Is this a bug, if yes - when will it be fixed?

Thanks in advance.

It looks to me that the Frient IO Module is being implemented as a multi-component device rather than a bridge in the SmartThings sense of the word so I don’t really understand why a Bridges category would be used. It would appear that the latest version of the app is giving precedence to the Bridges category over any other presentation the device has.

Update: changed ‘Bridge’ to ‘Bridges’ as that is the name of the category in SmartThings. No idea why it is plural when no other one is.

Which specific edge driver are you using? Is it Mariano’s?

(EDGE Driver-Mc): Zigbee Frient I/O Module Mc

If so, we should bring him into the conversation.

You can see what edge driver you are using and how your device is defined at the advanced page to the official web interface to your SmartThings account:


Just as an FYI, several of the “matter bridges“ now available on the market are themselves multicomponent devices.

For example, the SwitchBot Hub 2 has its own temperature sensor, humidity sensor, and two actionable buttons. In addition to being able to bridge SwitchBot end devices like the curtainbot. So there’s that. :thinking:

That’s not what’s going on here, though. Although the company describes the Frient I/o module as a “bridge“ in the product descriptions, from a network engineering standpoint, it’s not. You’re connecting dumb devices to it. So it’s similar to the Popp “universal implant” or the Fibaro and Shelley devices that can accept input from analog sensors.

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What does SmartThings make of them though? The only capability I’ve noticed in a matter bridge profile is for a firmware update.

I do feel that in the example in this thread they have simply moved the goalposts somehow between app versions. There is so much custom behaviour when it comes to device presentations that it is hard to know what to expect.

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Probably two different engineering teams–perhaps geographically and/or language diverse–that make assumptions on their own. :roll_eyes:


I was waiting to see if he would answer, but it is not my driver that is seen in the screenshot.

It may be the official Friend driver

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At least for the SwitchBot Hub 2, it just shows the subcomponents as additional matter devices.

So in this setup, I have a SwitchBot hub 2 Set up as a matter bridge. The device itself has two subcomponents, the humidity sensor, and a temperature sensor, and each one gets an entry under child devices. It also has a child device entry for a completely separate device, a curtain bot.

In contrast, the same SwitchBot hub 2 set up using the cloud to cloud integration shows the temperature and humidity as characteristics of the hub rather than as separate devices. It also weirdly reports a battery level, even though this is a mains power device. :thinking:

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If you are subscribed to the manufacturer’s channel They may have pushed out a driver update, so that could be a factor as well.

Once you determine exactly which edge driver you are using, you should then get in touch with the author of that code. That will be Frient support if you are using their driver.

Again, you can find out what driver the device is using at the following link:


You could also try switching to Mariano‘s edge driver and see if that works any better for you.

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Yes, this is a frient driver.

The driver was working fine until one of the latest SmartThings mobile app updates.

Since then, you can’t do anything to control it (you can still use routines though).

Could I get someone from SmartThings to put some position of theirs into that?

This forum was set up a number of years ago so the customers could help other customers. It’s not an official support channel and SmartThings employees do not regularly read the posts except to manage spam and harassment.

To get help from SmartThings staff, you have to open an official support ticket. Normally, you should be able to do that by choosing the “contact us” option in the SmartThings app, but unfortunately Samsung Changed its support process around the first of the year and now is trying to force everyone through an AI assistant via the “Samsung members” app as a first step. That means a lot of the old support methods aren’t working or have broken links. It’s pretty frustrating. :rage:

What country are you in? The support options do vary.