(EDGE Driver-Mc): Zigbee Frient I/O Module Mc

This driver has been made at the request and thanks to a user, who has purchased and tested the driver for the Frient I/O Module device - IOMZB-110.

This is the link to the Develco documentation and Amazon.

The digital IO Module integrates wired devices into wireless Zigbee networks. Providing four inputs and two
outputs, the IO Module works as a bridge of reliable communication between wired devices and a control system
over Zigbee networks. Devices connected to the input will trigger events, and devices connected to the output
will respond to events.

Key features are:
β€’ Bridging wired devices and Zigbee networks
β€’ Four digital inputs with dry contact
β€’ Two relay outputs with NO and NC contacts

It is similar to the Smart Implant but without the temperature and analog input.

In preference settings you can choose and configure:

  • Invert the Open/close state of each entry independently
  • Create independent child contact sensor devices for each input
  • Create independent child Switch out devices for each switch 1 and 2
  • Set the reporting interval for the switches between 300 and 1200 sec. The default value is 900 sec

This is the link to my shared channel

This is the driver version and devices supported

 Name         Zigbee Frient I/O Module Mc
 Version      2023-11-13T18:54:13.217385966        
- id : Frient/IOMZB-110
    deviceLabel : Frient/IOMZB-110
    manufacturer: frient A/S
    model: IOMZB-110
    deviceProfileName: two-switch-four-input
  - id : Develco/IOMZB-110
    deviceLabel : Develco/IOMZB-110
    manufacturer: Develco Products A/S
    model: IOMZB-110
    deviceProfileName: two-switch-four-input


More information about the Frient’s device

IO Module - smart Zigbee input/output module for home automation - frient