[ST Edge/Beta] Zigbee dimmer driver (supports MOES)

Supported devices

The driver supports

  • Moes MS-105Z Dimmer

Moes MS-105Z Dimmer

Single gang Zigbee dimmer, Max Power 150W. Requires Neutral wire.
Implemented with Tuya private cluster.
To pair the device, enter the pairing mode, then switch it on/off 10 times.

The detailed view contains

  • Switch (to turn on/off)
  • Dimmer (switch level)
  • Preset button (Sets dimmer to predefined switch level. The predefined value can be changed in settings)

It also shows signal strength.


Please install
Zigbee Dimmer Driver [YG]



As of today my zigbee dimmer has issue:
Smartthings app does not switch on/off, but
When i use phisycal switch the app updates the status.

Can you help?

Hi @dusanhauko ,
Could you please provide the log from the driver, that capture switching on/off from the app?

I did reset and repair and it’s working ok. Thanks anyway for good driver :wink:

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hello, I also have the same problem, from the app it no longer works but from physical pilsante it goes, if reset works for a few days and then the same problem returns

@EnrCol ,
Could you please provide the log from the driver?

can you tell me where I find the logs? thank you

@EnrCol , please see instructions for collecting logs in the following link.

Hi @ygerlovin

Do you think your driver will work with MOES 2 Gang ZigBee Dimmer Module as well?

2 gangs are not supported. I’m looking for volunteers to provide logs for it

@ygerlovin ok, I am thinking of buying one. If I do I will provide logs then.

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This driver can handle this device?

  • zigbeeNodeType: ROUTER
  • application: 42
  • endpointId: 01
  • manufacturer: _TZE200_dfxkcots
  • model: TS0601

raw: 01 0104 0051 01 04 0000 0004 0005 EF00 02 0019 000A

It’s a Moes Smart Dimmer Switch

Hi @Pyrylamo ,

Unfortunately, only MS-105Z is supported