How to add Moes zigbee dimmer module into Smartthings

Hi, Can anyone tell me how to add a Moes zigbee dimmer as a new device in Smartthings ?

Moes smart dimmer module:
Zigbee 3.0

So it has connected to Smartthings as a ‘zigbee thing’ but there are no controls presented to do anything with it.

Is there a way to get this working ?
Do I somehow need to download an edge driver from somewhere or someone ?

Did you check if the Smartthings support those Zigbee Light Dimmers?

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Have you tried @Mariano_Colmenarejo 's " Zigbee Switch Mc" driver.

If that does not work post the finger prints (mfg. Code and model) you can find that at Samsung account

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Did you get this to work?

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No not working yet.
I am thinking of buying a Tuya hub and then linking that to Smartthings. But I would like to link it directly. It is the only 2 gang dimmer I am aware of and I have 17 light switches I’d like automated dimming for including 4 gang switches.

Trying to incorporate smart controls into my extension build.

Hi, i have a moes dimmer Moes MS-105Z Dimmer and is working with edge drivers.
Try this drivers:


In this one you need change profile under options

Hi Pyralamo,

I have tried to use your Moes dimmer edge driver, however it gives an error ‘ensure driver has a valid fingerprint match with this device’.
I have a different model of Moes dimmer. I am using the 2 gang zigbee dimmer module MS-105BZ. It has 3L, 2S, and 1N connection and controls 2 switches.

I have also tried your Zigbee thing driver but cannot seem to load it to the device at all.

Is there some way to see your edge driver script/code ?


Sorry i can’t help.
Try install this

Pair your device again and make sure your device is using the driver [ST Edge] Personal Tuya Devices - Generic EF00 Device. You may need Change fisically on/off/dimmer to the driver load your datapoints. After
Go to settings and Change profile to 2dimmer and see if works. Mine work if i Change profile to 1dimmer…

I assume your device have ef00 cluster like mine. But its better check… Post a screenshot of your fingerprint.

Hi. Thank you @Pyrylamo . I’ve just managed to make the MS-105BZ dimmer work with the [ST Edge] Personal Tuya Devices - Generic EF00 Device. I’ve written down the steps I took in [ST Edge/Beta] Zigbee dimmer driver (supports MOES) - #38 by Kelvin.Left . I hope you guys will find it useful. :pray:

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