ST Cloud Offline? (28 July 2022)

Things are currently hit or miss. VR switch’s using @TAustin driver are absolutely not working. Some Zwave devices work intermittent along with some ZigBee devices.

Yeah I thought everything was fine earlier this evening when my app started back working and didn’t check back here for a few hours. In the mean time I’ve been bumping my head trying to figure why I could add devices. DUH!! ST’s Still having issues. Maybe I should have deleted the 7 or so items that weren’t working. ( Ps. Are my devices that stopped working “Borked”? )

^^ couldn’t add

Latest update:

Update - Corrective action is still on-going and users may experience inconsistent activity when using the app during this time. We are continuing to work to restore functionality for the remaining impacted users and will provide further updates once the corrective action is fully complete.
Jul 29, 03:01 UTC

Update - Corrective action is complete and we are seeing largescale recovery across all services. Full functionality is restored and we are continuing to monitor to ensure system stabilization.
Jul 29, 04:43 UTC

This felt like the days that pushed so many off the platform. What I’m concerned about is that the local stuff also failed to work correctly, which was the point of all the changes, I thought.


I was wondering about that as well. I have not switched over, but users with Edge drivers also could not user their system? Does Samsung still need to make another change to make the hubs truely indepdendent?

The Edge system is still in development, but as of now there are still a lot of cloud-dependent pieces.

For one thing, the app remains completely dependent on the cloud, it does not communicate directly with a hub. That appears to be the intended design. (It doesn’t have to be that way: Apple’s HomeKit app works fine without the internet as long as it’s on the same local WiFi as the HomeKit hub. But that’s not how SmartThings is designed.)

Here’s the official infrastructure diagram for the new architecture. See the app in the upper right?

More stuff will run locally, particularly more pre-created routines, but definitely not all. :thinking:

I’m still seeing delays with automations, but not direct control of devices via the mobile app.

EDIT : I literally just saw my hub go inactive, so I’m not sure what’s going on. Weird, hub keeps cycling through disconnected and connected. May be time for a hard reboot.

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what do you mean by “ but users with Edge drivers also could not user their system?”

most of my devices were operational during the outage. Actions related to curtains and scenes were broken .
But hopefully it became local sooner or later.

Voice assistant and app were not available but it’s not a huge deal as my routines don’t rely heavily on the app.

I only had control from the physical switches. Even my automations marked as local did not run. None of my remote switches, and about 1/2 of my motion sensors worked…and this became an issue do to the fact that the system never switched to night mode, so I had some lights that would turn on with the automation from day mode as soon as they were switched off…My 80 year old father was a little upset that the kitchen island light kept waking him up. and I got an earful this morning. :unamused:

I would recommend to recreate automations then pull out the internet cable and test what works

and we want reboot hub button from app, with so many new bugs we have to reboot hub even few times a day.
and re-enable reboot with pin button on hub

Plug you hub into a WiFi plug and you can easily reboot it from anywhere assuming you don’t have batteries in a v2 hub.


one other thing to add- my ios tiles all got moved around yet again…

Everything eventually came back. But I did find an unused PC and am playing with HA. For now I have just linked Smartthings too it, I do have a Zooz z-wave dongle and have set up an unused eaton plug on it to test it out, I like your remote reboot idea so I think i will plug the Smart things hub into it. If Smartthings craps out again I can reboot it or shut it off. I still will have control of my Casatia switches and Wiz light strips. Just no Zigbee devices until I get a ZigBee dongle.

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All of my local routines (Edge drivers) which were time based, or even button based, continued to work for me.

Anything requiring the app or Alexa was dead in the water though.

I almost took my Hubitat hub out of it’s box and moved some devices back to it, since it’s app talks directly to the hub.


For me, any home automation has to go through never losing manual control of important things and this is what I do, I know that each user has different needs:

  • Better to use smart switches with physical switches or dumb switches working with smart switches.

  • If use smart or virtual thermostats, I have a physical backup thermostar that allows to use the heating, even if it is just a simple thermostat bypass switch.

  • Local execution is fine and gives you security for basic automations. The incident has not affected me in any important way with devices that use edge drivers.

  • You have to avoid excessive notifications, which make you depend on the cloud.

  • Usually, I only put notifications to warn that something is not working as expected.
    When it works, it is not necessary to be constantly notify, it only generates an apparent security and fatigue.
    My experience with logic in aeronautics implemented by Airbus. Don’t take your attention away by warning of what works well, only warn of what needs to work at all times and doesn’t work and if it doesn’t affect operability, don’t warn until the flight is over or a maintenance cycle arrives.

  • Important to use a UPS to power the hub and router.

  • Connect a device capable of notifying when power is lost and restored in the house.

  • Have a battery-backed smart water faucet.

Anything else that I forget or don’t know :smiley:


There’s a how to article in the forum on planning for outages that has more discussion on this issue. It was started a couple of years ago when we had a multi day outage on the platform. :thinking:

How to: Planning for Outages


no need for articles, just make it local

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