Another day another ST issue

Seriously. It’s like everyday.
Devices offline. Motion sensors staying on motion.

It’s just getting ridiculous now.

And for anyone who thinks automations that are local still run when ST have a server issue, think again. They don’t.

Some do, you can unplug the hub from the internet and verify. But it depends on the devices and the details of the routine.

Of course there’s also the issue that if the hub thinks it’s connected to the cloud and it isn’t you might get weird glitches. That’s a different issue. :thinking:

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I’ve been struggling with it for a couple of days now. The API in particular works fine one minute and then is timing out the next, often with temporary hostname lookup failures. However just about anything in the domain seems to have been struggling at times.

Things got particularly silly about two hours ago.

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Yeah was about 2 hours ago I noticed too.
Everything is my app is classed as ‘offline’ haha. What a joke.

Some things seems to be up whilst others are down. I always ask Alexa what’s the temp of a motion sensor and now it’s not getting it so that appears to be offline for whatever reason. I try so hard to make things local execution but It clearly won’t run if the sensor is offline, all because of an issue they have on their end. What’s the point in trying to make things local when they can just go down as soon as their servers have issues.

I started switching to Edge drivers over a year ago, so I am basically done with my migration and most of my automations are now local.

About 2 weeks ago we had an internet outage that lasted several hours and my local automations worked as expected. So I am a big proponent of Edge Drivers and the resulting local operations.


Me too mate but if ST are having issues and devices can’t somehow connect to the hub then automations won’t run will they? It’s not a signal issue I’m having, it’s been solid for months and months, nothing has changed. Only issue I see here is with ST, I got an email this evening that they have identified an issue and are working on it.
Coincidence that some things aren’t working now? Shame really.

I also got 2 emails today, but I have not seen any issues.

I won’t give ST much credit. It was numerous community developers who made it happen.

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Yeah your right. The community developers deserve every ounce of credit.

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