Is your app faster?

Did something happen recently with the ST servers? My iOS app is really, really fast now. Like Tesla ludicrous speed compared to the turtle it used to be. Anyone else experiencing quick loading of info?

Yup… App is fast (Android).

Don’t jinx it. :crossed_fingers:


No change for iOS. Things tab still takes forever. I’m sure the number of devices is a factor though.

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same for Android. Things tab is crazy slow. I moved all devices that’s not in a room to a room called “misc and spare” just to get away from going into Things tab.

Y’all got my hopes up. Just checked and my app is slow still.

I remember a couple months ago they pushed an app update that made things super snappy. But that only lasted about a week before the app went back to sluggish.

Very strange! Mine has been really slow recently! Can take 20 seconds to load the app on Android (fully updated), and Alexa told me twice today that ‘SmartThings has not responded’! Very annoying!