ST and Google partnership

First off, congrats to @alex and team for being a launch partner with Google and their new Home product. I was very pleased to see your logo flash up on screen during the keynote!!

Now that you have started out on this new integration journey with Google, can we expect official support for Nest family of products?

Just checked the official works with Smartthings site, no Nest products listed.

Thanks and again congrats on landing that.

Hopeful of Houston

Active discussion already underway. :sunglasses:

Thanks and noted. Have been reading along there too - good debate regarding capabilities of Home and Alexa.

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Closing the thread so we don’t have many threads about Google Home, but I will answer your question the best I can.

While Nest is a part of Google they operate somewhat independently. So, the short answer is no, the somewhat complicated answer is…perhaps someday.

How’s that for the best non-answer ever? Sorry, but that’s the best I can do at the moment.

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