Nest Protect and Smartthings Google Home Account


I have tried searching and done some surfing but had mixed information and would appreciate your input.

I have just purchased a Nest Protect and wanted to add it to my smartthings but is it correct that since the ‘works with nest’ api has been discontinued and I didnt have a Nest account prior to August that I cannot add the Protect to smarttthings via the smartapp?

And if this is the case, is it correct that I cannot add the Nest Protect directly to Google Home to appear as a device? I can only see device status via the Nest app, completely unintegrated with Google home or Smartthings?

Any assistance greatly appreciated.

I know the SmartThings integration is dead. Not sure about Google Home.

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Now you mention it, I can’t see my nest protect in my google home app either. At the time (a year ago) it must have really annoyed me, but in this day and age I have learnt to live with half baked integrations. A bit of a disappointment that google is now also part of this.

Hi impee,

Being new to home automation but coming from an industrial control background I must admit i am quite shocked at how half baked and fragmented the smart home space is.

The effort to get some of these devices communicating is still in the realm of the tech enthusiast as opposed to a market ready solution.

I know wireless protocols will always be less stable than wired solutions but premium priced products with flakey unreliable communications sadly seems to be the acceptable norm at the moment.

I have had a few non tech savvy friends ask me about assisting them with smart home integration and all i say is buy a couple of smart globes and a smart speaker to impress your friends at parties and wait for the market to mature before getting further invested…

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